Chapter 10 Energy Balance and Weight Control

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Obesity conditionsheart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer
adipose tissuestore droplet of fat, overeating can cause increase in fat cell & number
Obese rates by ethnicityNon hispanic blacks > mexican american > all hispanics > Non-hispanic whites
subcutaneous fatHelps insulate and protects muscles and bone from injury
Visceral fatUsed to protect abdominal muscles and over stomach & intestines
White Fatwhite in appearance and used to store fat
Brown FatContains more mitochondria and blood supply making it dark. Function to generate heat
Underwater weighingcompare weight on land to when submerged in a tank of water
DXAX-rays that scan body, v expensive
Air DisplacementVolume of air with person in it vs without
Bioelectrical impedancemeasure conduction of electrical current in body


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skinfold thicknessmeasured at body sites for skin thickness
Body fat men/women healthy13-21% and 23-31%
main body fuelsglucose and fatty acids
Basal metabolismminimal number of calories for vital physiological activities after fasting/resting for 12 hours
anabolicreactions require energy
catabolicreactions release energy
influence on metabolic ratethyroid hormone levels, recovery after exercise, body surface area
Basal metabolic needs men/women1.0 kcal/.9kcal
Energy for physical activity needsAbove basal metabolic needs
BMI and categoriesnumerical value between body weight and risk of some chronic health problems. weight height x 703. 18.5-24.9 healthy, below = underweight


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hungerneed to eat, uncomfortable
satietysense enough food was eaten
set point theoryScientific notion that body fat content genetically predetermined.
key factors for weight lossbehavior modification, calorie reduction, physical activity, motivation
losing 1lb is how many kcal3500 deficit
orlistatreduce fat digestion by 30%, side effects are oily feces and reduction in fat soluble vitamin absorption
bariatic surgerymethod to treat extreme obesity
liposuctionsurgery sucking out excess fat

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