Chapter 10 ADJ 107

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fencinginvolves earning his/her income by buying and reselling stolen merchandise
amount of money professional thieves cost the public per yearbetween 15-30 billion dollars
difference between petty and grand larceny in the VA Criminal Codethe value of the item taken ($200 or more is grand)
cost of shoplifting, employee theft, and vender fraud for retailers per year$44.3 billion dollars
another name for professional shopliftersboosters
amount of all shoplifting done by boosters which is used as a career10%
cost of credit card theft per year$1 billion dollars of loss
Congress acton to combat credit card theftlaw limiting a person's liability to $50 per stolen card
percent of auto theft reportedabout 75%
most likely vehicles to be stolenhonda accord, honda civic, toyota camry, toyota corolla, chevy silverado
cost of staged accidents for the insurance industryabout $20 billion per year
embezzlementan individual who is trusted with property and fraudulently converts the item(s) in order to keep them for his or her own use or the use of others
courts require ___ in order to be convicted of embezzlementa serious breach of trust
when most burglaries occurduring daylight hours (NOT the nighttime)
amount of attempted or completed residential burglaries according to the NCVSabout 3 million
well-skilled professional burglar characteristicstechnical competence, maintenance of personal integrity, limited financial success, specialization in a specific type of burglary, and ability to avoid prison sentences
burglarythe breaking and entering of a dwelling house of another in the nighttime with the intent to commit a felony within
residential burglariesusually committed by amateurs; often done by acquaintances of the victim ; often target unoccupied to avoid being apprehended
commercial burglariesusually target establishments because they display store merchandise desired; retail establishment most appealing because of access
reasons for arsoninsurance fraud, revenge, excitement, arousal
juvenile arsonist categoriesplaying with matches fire setter; crying for help fire setter; delinquent fire setter; severely disturbed fire setter
crying for help fire setterjuvenile age 7-13 who turns to fire for stress reduction
most common form of criminal behaviour in the American societyproperty crimes

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