Chapter 1

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Question Answer
sagittal separates right & left
transverseseparates superior & inferior
frontalseparates ventral & posterior
spinal cavitycontains spinal cord
cranial cavitycontains brain
dorsal cavitycontains cranial cavity & spinal cavity
ventral cavitycontains thoracic cavity, abdominopelvic cavity
pelvic cavityinferior to abdominal cavity, contains bladder, rectum & reproductive system
diaphragmseparates thoracic and abdominal cavity
thoracic cavitysuperior to the diaphragm, includes the heart, lung
mediastinumthe space between the lungs, including the organ & vessels contain in that space
abdominopelvicinferior to the diaphragm, abdominal & pelvic cavity
abdominal cavitycontains the stomach, most of intestine, liver, gallbladder, pancreas & spleen
epigastric regionlocated just inferior to the breastbone
umbilicalaround the umbilicus
hypogastricthe must inferior of the midline regions
hypohondriacjust inferior to the ribs
lumbarright & left of umbilical region
iliac or inguinalnamed for the upper crest of hip bone & groin region
distalfarther from point
proximalnearer to the origin or point of attachment
lateral farther from midline
medial closer to midline
posterior or dorsalback
anterior or ventralfront
superior above
negative feedbackmain method for maintaining homeostasis
Levels of organizationchemicals>cells>tissue>organ>organ system>body