Chapter 1

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algorithmdetailed treatment scenarios that can be used to tailor a patients care regardless of where he or she is being treated
asclepeionan ancient greek healing temple
avatara virtual reality coach that one day may replace health call centers
electronic medical record / electronic health recorda computerized record of a patients health care encounters
Elizabeth blackwellthe first female physician in the united states
emergency medical serviceshealthcare professionals that provide pre hospital care to victims of sudden illnesses accidents or injuries at the scene of the accident or illness and during transport to a health care facility
florence nightingaleone of the famous nurses whose early contributions to heal care involved decreasing the mortality rate of soldiers during the crimean war through infection control practices
galenan early greek physician who began to study disease through dissection of deceased patients and dead animals
general hospital a full service hospital that serves all types of patients
holistic medicine a form of medicine that treats the body as a whole
hippocratesan early green physician who opposed to the belief that illness was the result of a case or supernatural causes aka father of western medicine
hippocratic oath a pledge in which a new physician swears to uphold a number of professional ethical standards a promise as harm not
hospital a healthcare facility designed to care for acutely ill patients awn those undergoing elective procedures
hospitalista physician who chooses to practice exclusively in the hospital treating the patients of local physicians
if / thena plan of care based on the patients symptoms
nurse practitionera registered nurse with an advances degree or masters who takes health histories basic physical examinations and helps establish treatment plans orders med and lab procedures treats common illnesses and promotes good health
physicians assistant master degree prepare healthcare professional who works under the physician to make medical histories and physical exam order lab and diagnostic tests make diagnoses prescribe admisnter meds and treat minor injuries
trauma centera hospital designated by the state which houses a unit that specializes in the care of catastrophic physical events

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