Chapter 1

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Question Answer
OrganizationA deliberate arrangement of people brought together to accomplish a specific purpose
What are the three common characteristics of organizations?Goals, People, Structure
How are managers different from non-managerial employees?Non-managerial employees work directly on tasks and are not responsible for overseeing others work while managers direct and oversee the activities of others and may have work duties not related to overseeing others
What are the four titles managers may have?Top Managers, Middle Managers, First-Line Managers, Team Leaders
Describe the role of a Top Manager.Make decisions about the direction of an organization
Describe the role of a Middle Manager.Manage other managers
Describe the role of a First-Line Manager.Direct non-managerial employees
Describe the role of a Team Leader.manage activities of a work team
What is management?The process of getting things done effectively and efficiently, with and through people
What is effectiveness?Doing the right things
What is efficiency?Doing things right
What four things does a managers job description depend on?1. Level in the organization, 2. Size of the organization, 3. Profit vs. Not-for-profit, 4. National Boarders
What level of manager does the most leading?First-Level Managers
What level of manager does the least leading?Top Managers
List the four functions managers are responsible for.Leading, Organizing, Planning, Controlling
Define planning.Defining goals, establishing strategy, and developing sub-plans to coordinate activities
Define organizing.Determining what needs to be done, how it will be done, and who is to do it
Define leading.Directing and coordinating the work activities of an organization's people
Define controlling.Monitoring activities to ensure that they are accomplished as planned
What are the three roles managers can take on?Interpersonal roles, informational roles, and decisional roles
What three things are involved in the interpersonal role of a manager?Being a figurehead, leader, and liaison
What three things are involved in the informational role of a manager?Being a monitor, disseminator, and spokesperson
What four things are involved in the decisional role of a manager?Being an entrepreneur, disturbance handler, resource allocator, and negotiator
What four skills do managers need?Conceptual skills, Interpersonal skills, Technical skills, and Political skills
What does it mean for a manager to have interpersonal skills?They work well with others
What does it mean for a manager to have conceptual skills?They can analyze and diagnose problems
What does it mean for a manager to have technical skills?They possess expert job knowledge
What does it mean for a manager to have political skills?They have political adeptness
Why do we study management?Most people will either manage or be managed
Why is customer service important?Consistent, high-quality customer service is essential to survival
Why is innovation important?Nothing is more risky than not innovating
What is the importance of social media?You can connect with customers and manage human resources
What is the importance of sustainability?It is important to integrate economic, environmental, and social opportunities into business strategies
Why do managers matter?Because employee productivity, loyalty, and engagement hinge on employee/manager relations