Chapter 1

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Section 1

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PersonalityA pattern of relatively permanent traits, dispositions, or propensities that lend consistency to a person’s behavior and thought processes
Reductionism"nothing-but-ism" Any theoretical approach that attempts to explain all human behavior to single theory
PluralismThere are many realities and more than one perspective may be correct
RefutibilityDoes a theory state what it takes to prove itself wrong?
Active human agencyThe concept that a person is in charge of his/her own thoughts, behaviors and feelings. Individual shapes their own inner and outer realities.
Passive human agencyThe individual is seen as a passive recipient of environmental forces or inner urges. The person is viewed as shaped by inner or outer forces beyond their control
Idiographic FocusAn approach concerned with identifying the unique combination of traits ad other characteristics that best accounts for the personality if a single individual. In-depth analysis of one individual and the dimensions relevant to that persons personality.
Nomothetic FocusSeeks to establish general laws of human functioning, that is, to understand the behavior and experience of people in general or groups of people
Evolutionary PsychologyHuman behavior has underlying commonalities that have come to exist through evolutionary processes.
Mask metaphorDichotomy between appearance and the actor. Deals with an important distinction between superficial and fundamental characteristics.
Morphogenic Approachclassifies people according to patterns of traits they display

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