Chapter 1

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Technical Skillsspecialized procedures, techniques & knowledge required to get a job done.
Human SkillsAbility to work well with others
Conceptual SkillsAbility to see the organization as a whole and understand different parts of the company
Motivation to ManageAssessment of how motivated employees are to interact and participate
Skills of a ManagerTechnical Skills, Human Skills, Conceptual Skills, and Motivation to Manage
Functions of ManagementPlanning, Organizing, Controlling, and Leading
OrganizingDeciding where decisions will be made, who does what
PlanningDetermining organizations goals and a meaning for achieving them
LeadingInspiring and motivating leaders to work hard to achieve organizational goals
ControllingMonitoring progress toward goal achievement and taking corrective action when progress isn't being made
4 Levels of ManagementTop, Middle, First Line, and Team Leaders
Top ManagerResponsible for all overall direction of the organization
Middle ManagerResponsible for setting objectives consistent with management's goals. Plans and implements strategies to achieve objectives
First Line ManagerManage the performance of entry-level employees who are directly responsible for producing a company's goods and services. Monitoring, teaching, and short term planning
Team LeadersFacilitate team activities toward accomplishing a goal
Managerial RolesInterpersonal, Informational, Decisional
InterpersonalFigurehead, leader, liaison
InformationalMonitor, Disseminator (subordinate sharer), spokesperson
DecisionalEntrepreneur, Disturbance handler, Resource Allocator, Negotiator
ManagementGetting work done through others
EfficiencyGetting work done with minimum effort, expense, or waste
EffectivenessAccomplishing tasks that help fulfill organizational objectives

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