Chapman's Ptz

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Question Answer
middle ear anterior ptsuperior to medial clavicles
sinuses anterior ptinferior to medial clavicles
pharynx anterior ptinferior to sternoclavicular joints
tonsils anterior ptmedial 1st intercostal space
tongue anterior ptmedial 2nd rib
esophagus, heart, thyroid (THE)anterior ptmedial 2nd intercostal
upper lung, arm anterior ptmedial 3rd intercosal
lower long anterior ptmedial 4th intercostal space
liver anterior ptright medial 5 and 6 intercosal space
stomach acidity anterior ptleft medial 5th intercostal space
stomach peristalsis anterior ptleft 6th interostal space
gall bladderanterior ptright medial 6th intercostal space
pancreas anterior ptright medial 7th intercostal space
spleen anterior ptleft medial 7th intercostal
small intestine anterior ptmedial 8th-10th intercostal
pyloris anterior ptmidline body of sternum
adrenal anterior pt1" lateral and 2" superior to umbilicus
kidneys anterior pt1" lateral and 1" superior to umbilicus
bladderanterior ptperiumbilical
intestine peristalsis1-2" inferior and lateral to ASIS
appendixtip of rib 12
ovaries, urethrapubic tubercles
rectumlesser trochanter
colonanterior IT band
prostatae, broad ligamentlateral IT band