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Chapman's points

Question Answer
Myocardium (anterior)2nd ICS
Esophagus (anterior)2nd ICS
Thyroid (anterior)2nd ICS
Bronchi (anterior)2nd ICS
Upper Lung (anterior)3rd ICS
Lower Lung (anterior)4th ICS
Liver (anterior)5th and 6th ICS R
Stomach (anterior)5th and 6th ICS L
Gallbladder (anterior)6th ICS R
Pancreas (anterior)7th ICS R
Spleen (anterior)7th ICS L
Appendix (anterior)Tip of the 12 th rib R
Adrenals (anterior)1 in. lateral 2 in. superior to umbilicus
Kidneys (anterior)1 in. lateral 1 in. superior to umbilicus
Bladder (anterior)Peri-umbilical area
Urethra (anterior)Superior pubic ramus, 2 cm lateral to symphysis
Prostate (anterior)Outer femur (along posterior IT band) bilateral
Middle Ear (anterior)superior, medial part of clavicle
Pylorus (anterior)Center of sternum
Celiac Ganglion (anterior)just below xiphoid process
Superior Mesenteric Ganglion (anterior)Between points for the celiac and inferior mesenteric ganglion
Inferior Mesenteric Ganglion (anterior)Just above the umbilicus
Myocardium (posterior)T2-T3 lamina of TP
Esophagus (posterior)T2 lamina of TP
Thyroid (posterior)T2 lamina of TP
Bronchi (posterior)T2 lamina of TP
Upper Lung (posterior)T3 lamina of TP
Lower Lung (posterior)T4 lamina of TP
Liver (posterior)T5-T6 lamina of TP R
Stomach (posterior)T5 L (acid) T6 L (peristalsis)
Gallbladder (posterior)T6 lamina of TP R
Pancreas (posterior)T7 lamina of TP R
Spleen (posterior)T7 lamina of TP L
Appendix (posterior)(T11)-T12 TP R
Adrenals (posterior)T11 lamina of TP bilateral
Kidneys (posterior)L1 lamina of TP bilateral
Bladder (posterior)L2 upper edge of TP bilateral
Urethra (posterior)L3 TP bilateral
Prostate (posterior)Lateral sacral base bilateral
Ear (posterior)C1 posterior lateral pillar
Pylorus (posterior)T9 lamina of TP right
Uterus (posterior)L5 TP and lateral sacral base bilateral
Uterus (anterior)Superior edge of inferior pubic ramus
Broad ligament (anterior)outer femur along posterior IT band
Broad ligament (posterior)Lateral sacral base bilateral
Vagina (posterior)Lateral sacral base bilateral and Upper inner edge of thigh (also clitoris)
Ovaries (anterior)Superior pubic ramus, 2 cm lateral to symphysis
Ovaries (posterior)T10 lamina of TP bilateral
Intestine, Peristalsis (anterior)few inches above greater trochanter
Large intestine (posterior)right triangle - medial angles are TP of L2-4, lateral angle is L4 to iliac crest
Pharynx, tongue, larynx, sinuses, arms (posterior)C2
Nasal sinuses (posterior)Bottom edge of C1 pillar
Nasal sinuses, pharynx, tonsils, tongue, larynx, sinusesBetween clavicle and first rib clockwise
Small intestine (anterior)Costochondral junction ribs 8,9, and 10
Intestine, Peristalsis (posterior)11th Rib Head/Angle
Large Intestine (anterior)Anterior portion of femur / IT band, proximal - ileolcecal junction/sigmoid colon, distal - hepatic/splenic flexure
Cerebellum (anterior)Coracoid process
Cerebellum (posterior)C2-C5 TP

sympathetic levels

Question Answer
Head and Neck T1-4
HeartT1-6 (primarily T1-4)
Respiratory SystemT2-6
Upper GIT5-9 (stomach, liver, gall bladder, spleen, portions of the pancreas and proximal duodenum)
Middle GIT9-11(distal duodenum, jejunum, ileum, ascending colon and proximal 2/3 transverse colon)
Lower GIT12-L2 (distal 1/3 transverse colon, descending and sigmoid colon, rectum)
adrenal medullaT10
upper uretersT10-L1
lower uretersT11-L1
erectile tissue of penis and clitorisT12-L2
Uterus & cervixT12-L2