Chap.14 HIM 230 Test 1 Part 2

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Section 1

Question Answer
*What are the 5 basic functions of computer peripherals (hardware)?Input - Processing - Memory - Output Storage - Communications
Examples of Input Peripheral?Keyboard - Scanner - Microphone - Barcode
What is a Processing Peripheral?A microchip impalnted in a CPU's hard drive that processes instructions sent to it by the computer and software programs. The faster the more efficient
Examples of Memory Peripherals?Flash Drive - Hard Drive - CD - Optical Disk - Magnetic tape
Example of Output Storage Peripheral?Printer - Virual display unit - faxes - speakers
Give example of how a Communications Peripheral communicate?Modem - Digital Subscriber Lines - Satellite dish - Wireless connection - ISDN
*What is a natural language?It allows users to speak in a more conversational way with the computer and are part of the expanding field of artificial intelligence
*What is AI?High-level information technologies used in developing machines that imitate human qualities such as learning and reasoning.
*What are the 3 types of software?System software - Operating system - Application Software
*What is a Relational Database?A type of database that stores data in predefined tables made up of rows and columns.

Section 2

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What is the purpose of system software?Acts as the conductor for all the hardware components and application software. It tells the computer when to start, what to do, and when to stop.
What are some examples of Operating systems?DOS (Disk operating system), Windows, OS/2, Unix, Macintosh
*Application software can be categorized into what four different types?Productivity software (i.e. DB management, Accounting, word processing) - specialty software (i.e. HIM encoder) - Education and reference software (i.e. Library searches like Medline, encyclopedias) - Entertainment software (i.e. games, audio/video entertainment)
*What are the two types of Key Fields in a Relational Database?Primary key (each row in a table is unique and must not change in value) - Foreign Key (a column of one table that corresponds to a primary key in another table)
Together what do a Primary key and Foreign key do in a relational database?Allow two tables to join together
*What is a Data Dictionary?A central building block that supports communication across business processes (i.e. AHIMA e-HIM Workgroup, etc.), improves data validity and reliability within, across, and outside the enterprise, ensuring that each piece of data can only mean one thing.
A Foreign Key in a Relational Database associate relationships _______?between entities
*A Data Dictionary defines each data field or column according to what information?Name of field - Type of data field - Lenth of data field - Edits places on the data field - Values allowed to be placed in the data field - A clear definition of each value
*List a few of Data Quality Characteristics (Backbone of the Health Record)?Accuracy - Accessibility - Consistency - Precision - Timeliness
A Primary Key in a Relational Database is used to enforce ______?entity integrity by uniquely dening an entity

Section 3

Question Answer
*What are the 2 categories of Database Management Systems?Personal DBMS (small personal i.e. calendar, address book), Server-based DBMS (Runs on a Server computer, have 24 hour access)
*DBMS stands for _______?Data Base Management System
A Server-based DBMS is _______ than a personal DBMS?faster and more efficient
*What is the principal purpose of the data warehouse?To provide data for improved decision support.
*What are the benefits of having a data warehouse?Improves customer support - Lowers production costs - Increased profitability - Quicker turnaround times for making decisions.
*What is Data mining?A process that identifies pattersn and relationships by searching through large amounts of data (Faster than any human can possibly be)
*Data mining identifies ______ and is performed by individuals with a background in ________.patterns and relationships - statistical analysis
*The term Telecommunications is used to _______?describe voice and data communications within an organization (i.e. telephone, email, access a database)
A computer network, often simply referred to as a network, is a collection of ______?hardware components and computers interconnected by communication channels that allow sharing of resources and information

Section 4

Question Answer
*A communications sytem is made up of what four components?Transmitter (Sends information) - Receiver (receives information) - Medium (mechanism that connects the transmitter to the receiver) - Data (Creates the message that is transferred from the transmitter to the received as electrical pulses)
A Network allows everyone to ______share resources easily and efficiently.
Network computers play one of two roles: _______Client (accesses shared resources) or server (computer that shares resources i.e. printer, stroage space, etc)
*What are the 3 main types of network architectures?Local area network (LAN) - Wide area network (WAN) - Wireless network
LAN?Local area network connects computers in a small area, i.e. intranet. (one room, a floor of a building)
WAN?Wide area network i.e. internet - Connects devices across a large geographical area (a state, people across the world)
Wireless Network?Computer network that is not connected by cabels of any kind.
*Physical topology is ______?How data flows through the network. (How data travels from one computer or hub to another).
*What are the 4 main types of physical topologies?Bus - Star - Ring - Mesh

Section 5

Question Answer
*In regards to Data Transfer, Network protocols _________?enables computers on the network to communicate with each other. (They have the same language, provides computers with a common language).
*Personal Productivity Software are software applications designed _______?for individual use on personal computers to improve the efficiency and productivity of work. (Exp. Spreadsheets, PowerPoint, Access, Word)
What are the principles function of a database system?to organize and store data so that they can be readily retrieved in a meaninful way by end users.
A spreadsheet is _____?an electronic worksheet of rows and columns that simulates a paper accounting worksheet.
Presentation Software ______?Displays text and graphic information, able to include text, graphics, sound, and video, used in training.
Project Management Software _____?Plans, organizes and manages resources to complete project, Creates PERT and GANTT charts, Common produce is Microsoft Project
Databases are only as good as ________?the information entered into them.
*What is an HIE?Health Information Exchange - going to be the foundations for the electronic health record.
Which of the 4 main types of physical topologies allows for the expansion of an existing network and combines characteristics of the other 3 topologies?Mesh - The internet is the most famous example of a mesh topology.

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