Chap 10 HIM 229 Test 1 Part 3

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Section 1

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What is the goal of clinical practice guidelines?Standardize clinical decision making
What is the largest healthcare standards-setting body in the world?Joint Commission
What are responsibilities of a healthcare organization's quality management department?Helping departments to identify potential clinical quality problems - Participating in regular departmental meetings across the organization - Determining the method for studying potential problems
Problems in patient care and other areas of the healthcare organization are usually symptoms inherent in a(n):System
This statement best defines utilization management?It is a set of processes used to determine the appropriateness of medical services provided during specific episodes of care.
These are types of utilization review:Preadmission utilization review - Continued-stay utilization review - Discharge utilization review
What is the role of the case manager?Coordinate medical care and ensure the necessity of the services provided to beneficiaries
Which role is not representative of the ombudsman in patient advocacy?Judge

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A hospital’s C-section rate is an example of a:Clinical performance measure
The process that involves ongoing surveillance and prevention of infections so as to ensure the quality and safety of healthcare for patients and employees is known as:Infection control
The traditional approach to assuring quality was to study a process only when there was failure to:Meet established standards
Donabedian proposed three types of quality indicators, they are:structure indicators, process indicators, and outcome indicators
Problems in patient care and other areas of the healthcare organization are usually symptoms inherent in a(n):System
This is a technique used to generate a large number of creative ideas from a group?Brainstorming
What is the principle that states: 20 percent of the sources of a problem are responsible for 80 percent of its actual effectsPareto
What is the key feature of performance improvement in today's healthcare organizations?It is a continuous cycle of measurement, analysis, monitoring, planning, designing, and evaluating. Performance monitoring is data driven

Section 3

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The leader of the coding performance improvement team wants all of her team members to clearly understand the coding process. This would be the best tool for accomplishing this objective?Flowchart
The medical transcription improvement team wants to identify the cause of poor transcription quality. This tool would best aid the team in identifying the root cause of the problem?Fishbone diagram
This is used to plot the points for two variables that may be related to each other in some way?Scatter diagram
This is a data collection tool that records and compiles observations or occurrences?Checksheet
Which tool is used to display performance data over time?Run Chart
A graphic technique used to display frequency distribution of nominal or ordinal data that fall into categories:Bar Graph
A graphic tool that uses standard symbols to visually display detailed information, including time and distance, of the sequential flow of work of an individual or a product as it progresses through a process:Flowchart
This is a technique would be the best to display rankings:Pareto Chart