Chap 10 HIM 229 Test 1 Part 2

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Team-Based Performance Process #1 is Ground rules ____Arrived on time for meetings - Complete & present results of assignments from previous meetings - Respect opinions of all team members - Liste to team members points of view without criticism - Abide by decisions made by the team
Team-Based Performance Process #2 is Stating the team's purpose or missionThe team must answer the question
why has this team been formed? The team must define its mission in order to create a map or plan of the means by which it will examine the issues and plan its activities
Team-Based Performance Process #3 is Indentifying Customers and their requirementsThe PI team must identify the customers associated with the processes under discussion and identify what their requirements are. Customers are internal and external.
Team-Based Performance Process #4 is Documenting current processes & identifying barriers _____Team needs to be able to understand the process - What is the current process? where are the start & end points of the process? What are the barriers to the process?
Team-Based Performance Process #5 is Collecting Current Process Data ____`Research and define performance exceptions for the process targeted.
Team-Based Performance Process #6 is Flowchart current process ____Creat a flowchart of the current process. These charts help the team members understand the process in the same way.
Team-Based Performance Process #7 is Brainstorm problem areas ____A technique used to generate a large number of creative ideas from a group. It encourages PI team members to think out of the box and offer original ideas.
What is Brainstorming?A technique used to generate a large number of creative ideas from a group.
What is unstructured brainstorming?Results in a free flow of ideas.
What is structured brainstorming?Team leader or facilitator asks team members to generate their own list of ideas. Tem members can work by themselves or in small groups. Then, one by one, the team elicits a new idea from each member in turn.

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What is a force-field analysis?A visually display of data generated through brainstorming. The team leader draws a large T shape on a board (Used to identify forces to reinforce positives and eliminate negatives. Think of a T chart with the Pros on one side and the Cons on the other
What are the Driving forces on the top left of a force-field analysis T chart?Encourage a change or improvement.
What are the Restraining forces/Barriers on the top right side of a force-field analysis T chart?These are things that have negative impact (negative forces)
What is a bar graph (bar chart)?Used to display discrete categories (done on an x and y axis) Exp. race/ethnicity of hospital patients
What is histogramIt can display frequencies of responses (How many times did something happen). Plotted with frequencies shown on the y-axis and the minute intervals shown on the x-axis.
What is a scatter diagram (or scatter plot)?Talks about 2 variables and how they relate to one another. (exp. how blood pressure relates to age) Used to find out if 2 variables have a correlation i.e. one on the x and one on the y. (With a scatter plot there is not an exact correlation but you can see a trend)
What is a Pareto chart?it is kind a kind of a bar graph that uses data to determine priorities in problem solving. This type of chart has the highest ranking first followed by the 2nd then the 3rd highest.
What is the Pareto principle that the Pareto chart is based on?20% of a problem's sources are responsible for 80 percent of its actual effects.
Brainstorming is a way to get everyone ____talking, thinking, and sharing ideas
What are the 3 techniques of brainstorming?Affinity Grouping - Nominal Group Technique - Multivoting Technique

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What is the brainstorming technique known as affinity grouping?allows the team to organize similar ideas into logical groupings.
What is the brainstorming technique known as nominal group technique?A process used to develop agreement about an issue or an idea that the team considers most important. (A voting technique)
What is the brainstorming technique known as multivoting technique?A variation of the nominal group technique. Instead of ranking each issue or idea, team members are asked to rate issues by marking them with a distribution of points. (Exp. a person may be given 25 points to assign to two different things, the person might give one thing 5 points where another thing might be given 20 points)
What is a cause and effect diagram (also called a fishbone diagram)A problem is placed in a box on the right side of the diagram. A horizaontal line is drawn and diagonal lines resembling ribs are added to connect the boxes above and below the main horizontal line (or backbone). Each box contains a different category of information. (This diagram is called this because of it's shape)
In the recommendations for process change what should the recommendations take into account that might have an impact on the organization?Utilization of staff - Effect on the budget - Change in productivity - Effects on customer service
Staff members adapt to change more readily when ___they have been part of the decision
a flowchart ______documents the current process
what technique would be the best to display rankings?Pareto chart
What technique would be best to display frequency?Histogram
What technique would be best to display discrete data?Bar graph

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This is the goal of clinical practice guidelines?To standardize clinical decision making
The medical transcription improvement team wants to identify the cause of poor transcription quality. This tool would best aid the team in identifying the root cause of the problem?Fishbone diagram
Names some of the tools used by performance improvement teams.Flowcharts - Brainstorming - Unstructured brainstorming - Structured brainstorming - Cause and effect diagram - force-field analysis
Problems in patient care and other areas of the healthcare organization are usually symptoms inherent in a(n):systems
This statement best defines utilization management?It is a set of processes used to determine the appropriateness of medical services provided during specific episodes of care
These are types of utilization review?Preadmission utilization review - Continued-stay utilization review - Discharge utilization review
What is the role of the case manager?Judge
The process that involves ongoing surveillance and prevention of infections so as to ensure the quality and safety of healthcare for patients and employees is known as:Infection Control
The leader of the coding performance improvement team wants all of her team members to clearly understand the coding process. This would be the best tool for accomplishing this objective?Flowchart
This data collection tool records and compiles observations or occurrences?Check Sheet