Chain Of Command for the US Air Force

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Question Answer
First in command, The President Of The United StatesHonorable Donald J. Trump
Second in command, The Vice President Of The United StatesHonorable Mike R. Pence
Third in command, Secretary of DefenseHonorable James Mattis
Fourth in command, Secretary of the AirforceHonorable Heather Wilson
5th, Chief of Staff of the Air ForceGen. David L. Goldfein
6th, Chief Master Sergeant of the Air ForceCMSgt Kaleth O. Wright
7th, Commander, Air Educational & Training CommandLt. Gen. Darryl L. Roberson
8th, Air University CommanderLt. Gen Steven Kwast
9th, Holm Center CommanderBrig. Gen Steven D. Garland
10th, Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps CommanderColonel Tammy Knierim
11th, Southeast Region CommanderColonel Barry Melton
12th, Detachment 158 CommanderColonel James L. Cardoso

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