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Study of tissueHistology
How is a tissue formed?When like cells are grouped together and function together to perform a specific activity.
Four types of tissuemuscular tissue, epithelial tissue, connective tissue, nervous tissue
How does muscular tissue produce movement in the body?through contraction or shortening in length
Muscular tissue is composed of individual muscle cells called ________?muscle fibers
3 basic types of muscles are?skeletal muscle, smooth muscle or cardiac muscle
skeletal muscle is _______?attached to bone
smooth muscle is found in _________?internal organs such as intestine, uterus, and blood vessels
cardiac muscle is found only in the _______?heart

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What is Epithelial tissue or epithelium?tissue found throughout the body ,composed of close-packed cells, that form the covering for the lining of body structures.
Functions of Epithelial Tissue?forming a protective barrier: specialized to absorb (ex intestines), secrete (ex sweat), excrete wastes (kidney tubules)
What tissue supports and protects tissue in body structure?Connective tissue
Connective tissue performs dif functions depending on its _______?location (bone/structural, cartilage/shock absorber in joints, tendons/connect skeleton to bones, Adipose/ protective padding around body structures)
What is nervous tissue composed of?neurons
What 3 things does nervous tissue form?brain, spinal cord, and a network of nerves
Found throughout the body, what does nervous tissue do?allow for the conduction of electrical impulses to send information beween the brain and the rest of the body.