Ch. 8 Research Methods

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Section 1

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There are(is) __________ basic way(s) of assigning participants to experimental conditions. two
variable that varies along with the independent variable is called a _________ variable.confounding
A technique to control for order effects without having all possible orders is __________.Latin square
Which of the following is a disadvantage to using pretests?It may be time consuming and awkward to administer in the context of the experimental procedures being used. It can sensitize participants to what is being studied and enable them to figure out the hypothesis. Participants may react to the manipulation differently than those that did not experience the pretest.
When are matched-pairs designs most likely to be used?when only a few participants are available
Which of the following is a type of order effect?fatigue

Section 2

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he dropout factor in experiments is referred to as __________.mortality
Which of the following is true?Repeated measures designs identify and explain individual differences. t f
when assigning participants to conditions, the people in each condition cannot differ in any systematic way. That is, _____ must be eliminated.selection differences
To ensure participants randomly assigned to different levels of the independent variable are equivalent you should have a minimum of _______ participants per condition. 20 to 30

Section 3

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All of the following are true about matched-pairs designs exceptthey are the most commonly used in experimental design.
A repeated measures design is __________ likely to detect an effect of the independent variable on the dependent variable than an independent groups design.more
n which experimental design are people first matched on a participant characteristic?matched pairs
In an experiment examining the impact of noise on memory, participants were asked to recall a list of words in a noisy room and then were asked to recall a list of words in a quiet room. This is an example of a(an) ________________ design.repeated measures

Section 4

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A Solomon four-group design is __________.a combination of both the posttest only and pretest-posttest designs
Independent group designs is to _____ designs as repeated measures designs is to _____ designs.between-subjects; within-subjects
When using the experimental method, a researcher ___________.keeps all variables except the independent variable constant
Which of the following are two forms of the basic, simple experimental design?posttest-only design; pretest-posttest design

Section 5

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is used to achieve equivalence between groups of participants.Random Assigment
When the results of an experiment can confidently be attributed to the effect of the independent variable, the experiment is said to have __________ validity.internal
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