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post cold war what kind of regime is popularsemi authoritarian
____ accounts for differences in authoritarian regimeslevels of institutionalization
supreme leader, exists in all authoritarian regimes, an individual who yields executive power with few formal limits in an authoritarian regime.
how do supreme leaders rulerepression, co optation, legitimation
priority for dictatorssecurity, through their own military a lot
dictator's dilemmaruler's repression causes them to be unsure of who supports them causing more represison
co-optationgiving people roles in gov in exchange for money and such from them
law/ judicidary in authoritarian regimesonly autonomous for non political cases, used to repress opponents, often corrupt
bureaucracy in authoritarian regimemass corruption, less institutionalized bureaucracy usually means there is patronage for regime supporters.
when is there greater balance of power in an auth regimecivilian dictatorship, when a dictators group of elites have more power that seriously threatens the dictator. this could also cause the dictator to usurp power if they have the power to do so
life of regimeleaders of military and 1 party regimes are more likely to be removed than personalist but when personalist are overthrown the entire regime collapses.
institutionalization lmts leaders throughhorizontal accountability (state)
nigerian leaders use what for powerrepression, massive patronage, promise to return to democracy
nigerian chronology1960s- military dictator considered necessary for country, 80s-90s - leaders become more personalist, consolidate oil money and use it for corruption to maintain power
nigerian "legislation"executive councils picked by the dictator rule by decree, top leader has pres title
indigenization decree of 1972requires nigerian ownership of most business investment, giving gov tons of power
bad stuff babangida didcreates more patroned spots in gov, weakens judiciary and completely corrupts it, cretes military tribunals to try people
gowon's patronagestate creation is his avenue of patronage
how to dictators gain legitimacyelaborate public displays of support
personality cultfollowers constanty glorify leader
when do strong ruling parties emergeif the supreme leader is able to repress and co opt potential opposition to create an elite coalition within the party
civil society in an authoritarian regimerepressed bc ruling party represents all interests that deserve representation
state corporatismstate controls the interest groups and chooses the ones it wishes to recognize
patron client relationsprimary means avg citizens can participate in politics in authoritarian regimes
why dont citizens organizeclientelism discourages
how come nigeria had no elections or legislatureall leaders claim they just are gonna rue real quick until democracy can come about
how does nigeria gain legitimacymilitary writes constitutions
civil society in nigerialabor unions and profesional organizations

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