Ch.8 Intro to CPT

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Question Answer
CPTCurrent Procedural Terminology
+add on code
Trianglerevised code
lighting boltFDA approval pending
dotnew code
<>beginning and end of changes
circle w/ dot moderate sedation
6 sections of CPT manual1.E/M 2.Anesthesia 3.Surgery 4.Radiology 5.Pathology and Lab 5.Medicine
25-Significant, seperaetly identifiable E/M service by same physician same day
32-Mandated service
50-Bilateral procedure
54-Surgical care (intraoperative, postop, preop)
57-Decision for sugery
78-Unplanned return to operating room for related procedure
79-Unplanned return to operating room for unrelated procedure
category 2optional, performance code ends in a "F"
category 3codes that have not been approved, temporary code, ends in "T"
appendix Aall modifiers
appendix Badditions, deletions and revisions
indented codesdependent on stand alone codes
stand alone codefull description
unlisted codeexperimental procedures, newly approved, temporary code if there is no cat 3
; in code1.anatomic sites 2.alternative procedures 3.description of the extent of service
what needs to be submitted w/ a unlisted codespecial report
circle w/ linemodifier 51 exempt
#out of numerical order
6 location methods1.service/ procedure 2.