Ch.7 male reproductive system

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Section 1

Question Answer
balan/oglans penis
orchid/o orchi/o orch/o test/otestis, testicle
prostat/oprostate gland
vas/o vessel
sperm/o spermat/osperm
-ismstate of

Section 2

Question Answer
erectile disfunctioninability for the male to keep an erection
hydroceleswelling caused by fluid in the scrotum
phimosistight foreskin that cant be pulled back over the head of the penis
priapismpain and tender erection
prostate cancercancer of the prostate gland
spermatocelecyst-like collection of fluid and sperm in the scrotum
testicular cancercancer of the testicles
testicular torsiondecreased blood flow in the testis by twisting of spermatic cord
varicoceleenlarged veins in the spermatic cord
circumcisionremoval of the foreskin
hydrocelectomyremoval of the hydrocele
radical prostatectomyremoval of the prostate gland
suprapubic prostaectomyremoval of the prostate gland through a cut above the pubic bone or bladder
transrectal ultrasoundprobe that is placed in the rectum to diagnose prostate cancer
prostate-specific antigenblood test that measures the level of prostate antigen
AIDSchronic immune system suppression
artificial inseminationputting semen into the vagina by artificial means
azoospermialack of sperm in the semen
chlamydiasilent STD
coiltussexual intercourse
condomcover for the penis to prevent pregnancy and STD's
ejaculationejection of semen from male
genital herpesSTD herpes simplex virus
gonorrheaSTD by bacteria that inflames the mucous membranes
HIVSTD infects T-helper cells of immune system
HPV (venereal warts)STD by viral infection
infertilityunable to become pregnant
orgasmclimax of sexual stimulation
pubertyability to reproduce sexually
STDinfection spread through sexual conduct
sterilizationsurgical procedure to help someone unable to concieve
syphillisSTD by direct contact with infected tissue
trichomoniasisSTD by one-celled organism