CH 7 EMT Pharmacology Quiz

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What is the MOST rapidly acting medication administration route?Intravenous
With the flowmeter set at 6 L/min, the nasal cannula will deliver up to ___% oxygen.44
A 31-year-old female is experiencing an acute asthma attack. She is conscious and alert, but in obvious respiratory distress. After assisting her with her prescribed metered-dose inhaler, you shouldreassess the patient and document her response to the medication
Which of the following statements regarding glucose is correct? a) Glucose is a simple sugar that is readily absorbed by the bloodstream b) Glucose is usually administered by the EMT-B via the intravenous route c) Glucose is given to patients who are suspected of being hyperglycemic d) Glucose is a complex sugar that rapidly absorbs into the bloodstreama) Glucose is a simple sugar that is readily absorbed by the bloodstream
Shortly after administering epinephrine to a 29-year-old male with an allergic reaction, the patient complains of a “fluttering” feeling in his chest. This finding is an example of a/anside effect
When given to patients with cardiac-related chest pain, nitroglycerinrelaxes the walls of the coronary arteries
What medication route delivers a drug through the skin over an extended period of time, such as a nitroglycerin or nicotine patch?Transcutaneous
Activated charcoal is an example of a/anSuspension
A 49-year-old male with an extensive cardiac history presents with 2 hours of crushing chest pain and shortness of breath. He is pale and diaphoretic and tells you that he feels like he's going to die. His medications include nitroglycerin (nitro), Viagra, and Vasotec. His blood pressure is 140/90 mm Hg and his heart rate is 110 beats/min. In addition to administering 100% oxygen, you shouldask him if he took his Viagra within the past 24 hours
Which of the following is an example of a brand (trade) name of a drug? a) Ibuprofen b) Furosemide c) Tylenol d) Nitroglycerinc) Tylenol
Which of the following statements regarding the epinephrine auto-injector is correct? a) The epinephrine auto-injector is carried on an EMT-B ambulance b) The epinephrine auto-injector delivers a preset amount of the drug c) EMT-Bs do not need physician authorization to use the auto-injector d) The auto-injector delivers epinephrine via the subcutaneous routeb) The epinephrine auto-injector delivers a preset amount of the drug
What medication form does oral glucose come in?Gel
You are dispatched to a movie theater for a 39-year-old female with signs and symptoms of an allergic reaction. As you are assessing her, she pulls an epinephrine auto-injector out of her purse and hands it to you. After administering 100% oxygen, you shouldcontact medical control
Which of the following statements regarding the metered-dose inhaler (MDI) is correct?An MDI delivers the same amount of medication every time it is used.
The term “pharmacology” is MOST accurately defined asthe study of drugs and their actions on the body.
What medication route has the slowest rate of absorption?Ingestion
While assisting a paramedic in the attempted resuscitation of a 55-year-old male in cardiac arrest, you should expect the paramedic toadminister drugs via the IV route to achieve the fastest effect.
How is nitroglycerin usually given by the EMT-B?Sublingual
The ______ of medication determines the route by which it will be administered.Form
A 40-year-old female is found unconscious by her sister. The patient has a history of diabetes and has been treated for hypoglycemia in the past. You shouldadminister 100% oxygen and transport her at once.

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