Ch. 40

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The nurse is caring for a patient admitted to the emergency department in acute distress. Data collection reveals rapid deep breathing, fruity odor, lethargy, and weight loss. Laboratory results include a blood glucose of 720 mg/dl. Which of the pt's symptoms indicates type 1 diabetes mellitus?Fruity odor
What is a major factor in the development of type 1 diabetes?An autoimmune response
The nurse is assisting with teaching a pt with newly diagnosed type 1 diabetes. the patient asks what cause the fruity odor the way present at diagnosis. How should the nurse respond?In the absence of available sugar, the body breaks down fat into ketones, which have a fruity odor.
A pt is newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes mellitus. How should the nurse respond when the patient asks how long the insulin injections will be necessary?You will need insulin injections for the rest of your life
The nurse is assisting with nutrition teaching for a pt who voices concern over coping with a diabetic diet. What response about medical nutrition therapy is correct.You will have a well balanced individualized meal plan that will be healthy for your whole family
The nurse is providing care for a marathon runner who is newly diagnosed with diabetes mellitus. What explanation about exercise is best for the nurse to provide?You should always take some emergency glucose with you when you are running
The nurse is reinforcing teaching for a pt who is on four injections of regular insulin daily. About how many hours after each injection of insulin should the nurse teach the pt to be alert for symptoms of hypoglycemia3 hours
The nurse teaches a pt to self administer insulin how can the nurse best evaluate whether the patient understands the instructionsobserve as the pt prepares and injects a dose of insulin
The nurse is caring for a patient with diabetes. Which of the following symptoms would be most concerning?Diaphoresis
The nurse is assisting with a group class on complications of diabetes. Which information should the nurse include as factors that can precipitate hyperglycemia?Stress or illness
An Lpn answers the call light of a pt with diabetes. The pt has a mild tremor and slight diaphoresis and is fully oriented. What should the nurse do?Check the pt's blood glucose level
What is the most important action for a pt to take to prevent or delay long- term complications of diabetesCarefully control blood glucose
A patient is admitted to the hospital with hypersomolar hyperglycemia. The pt is 40% overweight and has a blood glucose value of 987 mg/dl. What is the priority nursing diagnosis for this pt?Deficient fluid volume related to osmotic diuresis
The nurse is caring for a pt with diabetes who has peripheral neuropathy. What is the best way to prevent related complications?Wash, dry, and inspect feet daily
A pt develops a small sore on the sole of the left foot. The nurse notifies the physician and implements a standard care plan for impaired skin integrity. What action by the nurse would help evaluate the effectiveness of the plan.Assess and document the wound condition daily
A pt on an American diabetic association (ADA) exchange list diet receives a dinner meal tray and does not wish to eat the rice. Which of the following foods can the nurse substitute for the rice?A slice of bread
A nurse notes a glyconhemoglobin of 14% in a pt attending a follow-up visit at a diabetes outpatient clinic. On what conclusion does the nurse base further assessment?The pt's blood glucose levels have been elevated for the last 2 to 3 months
The nurse is caring for a nondiabetic individual. Which of the following glucose results would the nurse expect on routine laboratory work?115mg/dl
What precaution should a nurse teach a female pt who is taking glyburide (Diabeta) once daily for control of blood glucoseAvoid drinking alcohol
Many long term complications of diabetes are related to underlying damage to which structures?Blood vessels
A patient at home with type 1 diabetes has a glucose level of 324 mg/dl It is usually less than 150 mg/ dl. What should the pt do first? Check the urine for ketones and drink water.
A pt whose blood glucose level usually is 150 to 200 mg/dl. has an episode of hypoglycemia. Which of the following activities the pt engaged in before the episode was most likely the cause of the hypoglycemiaTook a bicycle ride
A pt being treated with rosiglitazone (avandiia) for type 2 diabetes mellitus is receiving a routine follow up assessment. In addition to hemoglobin ALC and a fasting plasma glucose test, Which other laboratory rest is important in the pt receiving rosiglitazone?liver function tests
A student nurse is preparing to administer insulin. Which of the following injection sites is acceptablePosterior aspect of the arm, ventrogluteus, abdomen, buttocks, anterior thigh
The nurse is providing teaching to a pt with reactive hypoglycemia. Which of the following instructions related to glucose monitoring should be providedYou should check your blood sugar when you get up in the morning, it is important to check your blood sugar at bedtime, you will nee dto check your blood sugar 2 hours after meals
Which of the following are signs or symptoms of diabetes ketoacidosis (DKA)?Kussmaul's respiration's, flu like symptoms, dehydration
Goals and recommendations of the American diabetes association (ADA) include which of the following?Statin therapy for pts over 40 yrs old, peak postprandial capillary glucose less than 180 mg/dl, hemoglobin alc less than 7%, yearly flu vaccine
What are characteristics of insulin glargine (Lantus)It has no peak action time, It has a duration of 24 hours, it cannot be mixed with other insulin's
Which of the following is important for the nurse to assess and monitor in a pt prescribed metformin (Glucophage)?Presence of CHF,need for diagnostic tests involving use of contrast dyes, presence of renal or hepatic disease
The nurse is teaching a pt at an outpatient clinic whose laboratory tests include and HbA1c Which of the following client statements indicates teaching has been effectiveThis test can be used to help diagnoses diabetes, The test shows long term blood sugar control, this test can help determine if my treatment plan is managing my diabetes effectively, the test can be done in the physicians office while im waiting
While providing care for a pt with type 2 diabetes, the nurse recognizes which of the following symptoms may indicate the pt could be experiencing a somogyi effect?fasting morning glucose 264 mg/dl, pt reports night sweats, pt complains of headaches in the morning, blood glucose is rising despite increased doses of insulin
Hypoglycemia is usually defined as a blood glucose level less than50 mg/dl
The American diabetes association recommends a preprandial blood glucose goal of 70 to130mg/dl
Critically ill hospitalized pts should have blood glucose levels maintained between 140 and ___ at all times to prevent complications and optimize outcomes180 mg/dl