CH 4 Glandular Epithelial Tissues

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Glandular Epithelium One or more cells that make a secrete product.
Secretion Aqueous fluid that contains proteins
Endocrine Glands Internally secrete chemicals by exocytosis
Exocrine Glands Externally secreting products released onto body surfaces or into body cavities
Merocrine glands exocytosis of secretions as they are produced
Apocrine glands release secretion by detachment of apical portion of cytoplasm
Holocrine glands Release secretion as entire cell disintegrates

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ET characteristics Tight junction and desmosomes bind adjacent cells together
Apical surface Upper free surface or cell that is exposed to external environment or cavity of inner organ
Microvilli Fingerlike extensions of plasma membrane, increase surface area
Basal surface Lower attached surface
Basement membrane Composed of basal lamina and reticular lamina
Basal lamina Selective filter for material passing from connective tissue to epithelium
Reticular lamina Contains extracellular material anf collagen
Avascular Contains no blood vessels
Innervated Supplied by nerve fibers

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SimpleSingle layer of cell
StratifiedTwo or more cell layers
Squamous Flattened and scale- like
Cuboidal Box-like as tall as they are wide
Columnar Tall, column-shaped