Ch 3-8 Test

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Section 1

Question Answer
How did the appalachian and rocky mountains affect settlementit created a natural barrier
What affect did the abundance of land have?provided an incentive for colonists, and created a lot more resources
What was Hamilton's economic plan?establishing a national bank
What was Hamilton's plan for the country?promotion of manufactures and commerce;federal government
What was Jefferson's plan for the country?agrarian government;people government

Section 2

Question Answer
What did Andrew Jackson's federal party want? a strong federal government with wide powers
What change did his election signify for the country?the change in the way the government worked
What was Louis and Clarks role in Westward Expansion?they explored the lands that people would eventually move into
What influence did demographics have on American Indians?they didn't like the whites
What is a region?:an area or division having definable characteristics but not always fixed boundaries
What was Andrew Jackson accused of using during his presidency?: a spoils system
What was the Era of Good Feelings?:the desire for unity within the country
What is the American System?: the way the country is ruled and organized
What things were the center of the Era of Good Feelings?: infastructure improvement paid for by the federal government, a national bank, and protective tariffs to support American manufacturers
How does the American System relate to the Era of Good Feelings?: because the era of good feeling was mainly focused on the main portion of the american system: the government. The government was the group that felt this sense of unity and was the backbone behind this new unified idea.