Ch 29

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HF is the most common reason for hospitalizationof people older than 65 years of age
Atherosclerosisprimary cause of HF
Right-sided HFmay manifest by distended neck veins
Intracardiac thrombican become lodged causing stroke.
Assessing responsiveness is thefirst step in basic life support. Say= "Are you OK?"
Hepatojugular reflux,right upper abdomen (the area over the liver) is pressed
Cardiogenic shock may occur followingan MI
Systolic blood pressureis called pulsus paradoxus.
hydralazine and isosorbidedinitrate may be an alternative for patients who cannot take ACE inhibitors
during titration on a beta-blockerimprovement may take several weeks
an S3 heart soundsign that the heart is beginning to fail (HF)
During CPR,at least 100 compressions per minute.
Patients with HF should be awareof the risks of orthostatic hypotension
Patients with HF shouldEventually do a total of 30 minutes of physical activity Qday
Intracardiac thrombi are especiallycommon in patients with atrial fibrillation