Ch.29 Distortion

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Section 1

Question Answer
What is distortion?misrepresentation of size or shape of anatomic part
What does distortion depend on?thickness, shape, or position
Distortion is independent of _________density and contrast
What does distortion help allow us to do?See areas of interest that we usually cannot see
What is size distortion?misrepresentation of the size of a part, only seen as magnification
What is shape distortion?misrepresentation of the shape of a part, elongation or foreshortening

Section 2

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What is size distortion controlled by?SID and OID
What has the greatest affect on magnification?OID
To have the least amount of size distortion you want _________ SID and _________ OIDHigh SID and Low OID
How do you find the magnification factor?SID/SOD
What does a magnification factor of 1.00 mean?there is no magnification factor

Section 3

Question Answer
What causes shape distortion?improper alignment of the tube, IR, or part
Every 5 degree angle the SID should be dropped how much?1in
Elongation occurs when?improper tube/ IR alignment
Foreshortening occurs when?part improperly aligned
What is the formula to find the actual size?Magnification factor= image size/ object size

Section 4

Question Answer
OID and magnification have what relationship?direct
SID and magnification have what relationship?indirect
Distortion and detail have what relationship?Indirect
Magnification and detail have what relationship?indirect
SOD and entrance skin exposure have what relationship?indirect
Magnification and size distortion have what relationship?direct
Size distortion and patient thickness have what relationship?direct

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