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What is the anterior patuitary calledadenohypophysis
what is the posterior potuitary callednuerohypophysis
what is the largest bulbous portion of the anterior pituitarypars distalis
also, part of the anterior pituitary and forms sheath around the infundibulumpars tuberlaris
bulbous portion of posterior pituitarypars nervousa
boundry between anterior and posterior putuitary, absent in adultspars intermidia
stimulated by several releasing and inhibiting hormones from hypothalamusadrenocorticotropic hormone
what are homeones that act on another endocrine glandtropic hormone
what is the order of control of hormone secretion of anterior pituitary-hypothalamus -anterior pituitary - target gland - inhibits release of 1 and 2
hypophyseal portal system has what three functions, in orderprimary plexus - hypophyseal portal viens - secondary plexus
what are tghe anterior pituitary hormones-thyroid stimulating - follicle stimulationg - human growth - prolactin - luteinizing - melanocyte-stimulatin
what hormones are tropicluetinizing - melanocyte - thyroid - follicle

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in females, initiates development of ocytes andinduces ovarian secretion of estrogen in males, stimulates teste to produce spermfollicle stimulatin
what hormone has an unknowmn function in malesprolactin
exact role in humans in unknown but may influance brain activity, when present in access , can cause darking of skinmelanocyte stimulating hormon
what hormone had unknown function but may influance brain activitymsh melanocyte
whar hormone has an unknown function in malesprolactin
in females: stimulates the synthasis and secretion of estrogen and progestrone, ovulation and formnation of corpus luteum.... in males: stimulates testa to produce testostroneluteinizing
what hormones does tyhe anterior pituitary secreteoxytocin, antidiuretic horemone,
what is the antidiurateic also calledvasopressin
what stores and releases horemones made by the hypothalamusposterior pituirary
what is also know as vaspressinADH antidiuretic horemone
what is the target cell of the antidiurewtic hormonekidney, sudoriferous glands, arteriols
what decreases persperation, and increases constriction of arteriols, increasing blood pressureantidiuretic hormone
what is produces during darknessmelatonin
what is located behind the sternum, and between the lungs, and decreases size after pubertythymus
what gland is the school t-cell thymus
what hormone spacefically, is responsible for maturation of the t-cellthymosin

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what gland in known as the butterfly glandthyroid gland
what 2 hormone does the thyroid produceparafollicular cells and follicular cells
what does the parafollicular cell producecalcitonin
what does the follicular cell producethyroid hormone T3- T4
what are the functions of T3 and T4 hormonesuse of glucose and fatty acids, temperature, increase BMR
what hormones lower blood calcium levels and inhibits osteoclasts and activates osteoblastsparafollicular cells
what is goiter caused byhypo and hypertthyroidism
what is hypothyroidismnon functiong gland, or lack of proper TSH
what is hyperthyroidismtoo much TH
what is the most common cause for goiterlack of iodine
what do cheif cells secreteparathyroid hormone
what is the parathyroid functionincrease blood calcium and magnisium levels
if calcium rise above set point then waht will be releasedcalcitonin
if calcium drops below set point then what is releasedparathyroid hormone
what increases calcium from ingestiponcalcitriol

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name the adrenal glands two layersadrenal cortex, andreanal medulla
adrenal cortex secrets three hormoneszona reticularous, zona glamerulosa, zona fascialata,
what part of the adrenal cortex secrets the mineralocorticoidszona glomurealosa
what part of the adrenal cortex secretes glucocorticoidszona fascilata
what part of the adrenal cortex secretes the androgenszona riticularous
where do the chromaffin cells resideadrenal medulla
what does the chomaffin cell secreteepinepherine and norepinephrine
what are the 4 layers of the adrenal cotex, top to bottomzona glomurelosa, fascilata, reticularous, adrenal medulla
aldosterone is whatmineralocorticoids
what does aldosterone doincreases reabsorbtion of Na+, increases blood valume and pressure
what is cortisolglucocorticoids
what does cortisol dosecrets in responce to stress
what depresses the immune system, increases glucose release, and is bad in the long runcortisol
99% of the cells in the pancreas produce digestive enzymes called acinar cells
what in the pancreas preduces glucogen and insulinalpha cells and beta cells
what produces glucogon in the pancreatic isletsalpha cells
what produces insilin in the pancreatic isletsbeta cells
what raises the blood sugar in the pancreasglucagon
what lowers blood sugar in the pancreas insulin
what cells are in the adrenal medullachromaffin cells

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what are the three charictoristics of type 1 diabeteslow insuline klevels, autoimmune (pancreas doent make insulin) , treatmewnt in insulin injections
what are the three charictoristics of thype 2 diabetesnormal to high levels of insulin, cells of the body become desuinsized to insulin, treatment is diet and exercise
overies and testes produce whatgamets
it is made by cells formed in the placenta, which nourishes the egg after it has been fertilized and becomes attached to the uterine wallhuman chorionic gonadotropin (HcG)
stimulates the bone marrow to produce more red blood cellserythropoitin

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