Ch. 19 Test

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Section 1

Question Answer
Gilded Age gold covering, wealth was masking social abuses(exploited)
temperance movementcampaign against alcohol abuse
national parknatural area protected by and managed by the federal gov't (5 nat'l parks)
muckrakera term referring to a crusading journalist (freedom of the press)
spoils systemthe practice of rewarding close friends with gov't jobs
trustbustera person working to destroy monopolies and trusts
initiative a process that allows voters to put a bill before a state legislature
referenduma way for people to vote directly on a new proposed law
recalla process by which people may vote to remove an elected official from office
primaryan election in which voters, rater than party leaders, choose their party's candidate
civil servicea system that includes most gov't jobs, except elected positions, judiciary, and the military
graduated income taxa method of taxation that taxes people different rates based on income
conservationthe protection of natural resources
suffragistpeople who worked for women's right to vote
prohibitiona ban on the sale and consumption of alcohol

Section 2

Question Answer
"Boss" Tweedcarried corruption into NYC and to the extreme, cheated NYC out of $1 mil, exposed by a muckraker
James Garfieldpresident who was assassinated
Booker T. WashingtonAf-am leader who taught himself to read wanted equal rights for AF-Am
Carrie Nationradical temperance crusader
Teddy Rooseveltpresident who was a strong supporter of Progressive goals, trustbuster, conservationist
Woodrow Wilsonpresident who was criticized for being rigid and not willing to compromise
The Junglenovel written by Upton Sinclair about the meat packing industry(no quality control)
William McKinleyassassinated and TR was his VP
WEB Du Boisfirst Af-Am to receive a Ph.D. from Harvard, urged blacks to fight discrimination
Carrie Chapman Cattwoman leader for suffrage, devised a strategy to win suffrage, state by state
Frances Willardbecame president of the Woman's Christian Temperance Movement
William Howard Taftsupported many Progressive causes, broke up even more trusts than TR, gave gov't workers 8-hr workday

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