Ch 14 review blood vessels

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5 types of blood vesslesarteries, arterioles, capillaries, venules, veins
discribe tunica externacollagen and elastic fibers, nerves and small vessels (vasa vasorum), anchors blood vessles
describe tunica mediamuscle and connective tissue, veins thin & arteriols thick, smooth muscle, external elastic lumina
describe internapink inner layer, endothelium, basement membrane, internal elastic lumina
Describe elastic areties wall WALL-defined internal and external lamina, thick tunica media, elastic muscle stretchy
describe elastic arteries functionpropells blood forward
describe musclear arteries walldefined internal and thin external lamina
describe muscular arteries function-blood pressure, blood flow, and changes in diameter
anastomosesunion of two or more arteries supplying body
collateral circulationprovides alternat route for blood
end arteriezsno connection, tissue dies
metaarteriolaterminal end of arteriole (dead end)
precapillary sphencterregulates flow in capillaries
function of capillaryexchange substance between interstitial fluid and body
structure of capillaryonly tunica interna, smalles blood vessle
how blood flows through capillaryarteriole - capillary - venule
how blood flows through thoroughfare channledirect route from atriole to venule
structure and location of continuous capillaryintercellular cleft (cracks) found in lungs, CNS, and muscle
structure and location of fenestrated capillarymany fenestrations (holes) found in kidney, chonoid plexus (brain), and endocine glands (hormone)
structure and location of sinusoid capillarieswider and more winding then others, incomplete or no basement membrane, wall has large fenestrations (holes) and a lot of wide intercellular clefts (cracks)
what is a portal system and name 2blood flows from one capillary to another, hepatic and hypophyseal
structure of postcapillart venulesmall and porus
structure of musclular venulesmooth muscle
describe structure of veinthin tunica interna and media, thick tunia externa, no internal or external elaqstic lumina
what is vascular sinus and give 2 examplesvein with a tin endothelial wall and no smooth muscle, duralvenous sinuses and coronary sinus
anastomic veinconnection between 2 veins
superficial veinno accompaning artery
deep veinconnect with superficial veins
5 branches of the internal jugular v.superior sagittal sinus, straight sinus, sigmoid sinus, inferior sagittal sinus, transverse sinus
heptic portal veinsplenic v, superior mesentric, inferior mesentric v, gastric v (stomach)
four strucures in fetal circulationforamon ovale, ductus anteriosus, ductus venosus, umbilical a&v

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