Ch 13 Review Heart 2

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Question Answer
what surrounds and protects heartpericardium
describe the layers of pericardiumfibrous (tough and unelastic) serous (thin and delicate) parietal layer (fused to fibrous, not touching heart) visceral layer (epicardium and attched to heart surface)
what reduces friction in heartpericardial fluid
3 layers of heart wallepicardium, mycardium, endocardium
epicardium layerduel layer, serous, and adopose
mycardium layer95% of heart wall, swirls diagnal around heart
endocardium layerlines heart chamber and valves
location of atriasmall superior chamber with Auricule (pouch like structure)
location of ventricleinferior to atria
carries blood to the heartright atrium
carries blood away from the heartleft atrium
discribe right atriumpostierior wall is smooth, anterior wall is rough with pecninate muscle
describe left atriumsmooth posterior and anterior wall with chordenae tendenae
describe right ventricleridges, trubeculea carneae, with chordenae tendenea
describe left ventriclethickest chamber, forms apex, with chordenea tendinea
right AV valvetricupsid
devides right and left ventricleinterventricle septum
left AV valve bicuspid
location of left ariculeanterior
location of right ariculeposterior
valve exiting to aoritaaortic semilur valve
3functions of fibrous skeletonprevents over stretching of vavel, attachment point of muscles, insulates electrical activity
describe atrioventricle valvesprotrudes into ventricle, blood flows from atrium to ventericle, this seperates a & v, rise in pressure closes valve before contraction
describe semilunar valvebetween ventricle and great vessle, cusp shaped like cresent moon, opens with pressure and closes with decreased pressure, ejects blood
4 valves found in the hearttricuspid valve, bicuspid valve, pulmanary semilunar valve, aortic semilunar valve
what is conduction systemelectrical system of heart provides pqathway and excites muscle
name 5 vessles in the heartsmall cardiac, anterior cardiac, middle cardiac, coronary sinus, great cardiac
name 6 arteries in heartR coronary , L coronary, circumflex branch, anterior interventrical branch, posterior interventrical branch, marginal branch
SA nodeR atrium, inferior/;lateral to svc opening ; pacemaker
AV nodeinterventricle septum and inferior to R atrium, electrical impulse delayed ;pause
pathway of an electrical impulseSA node, atioventranodal (av) tract, bundle branches, cunduction pathways, purkinjie fibers
sytolecontraction, blood is forced forward
diastolerelaxation, chambers fill with blood
foramon olvale location and turns into whathole between left and right atrium and turns to fossa ovalis
ductus arteriosus location and turns into whatconnects pulmanary artery to desending aorta lligaments arteriosum