Ch 12 review blood

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what are 3 functions of bloodtransportation - regulation - protection
2 major blood componentsplasma - buffy coat/formed elements
plasma without clotting factor serum
3 major types of formed elementserythrocytes (RBC) - leukocytes (WBC)- platlettes
process of forming bloodhemotopoisis
myloid stem cells formrbc - wbc - platletts
lymphoid cells formlymphocytes
regulates rbc formationerythroprotien
ragulates platelets formationthrumboprotien
never let monkeys eat bannanasneurophil - olymphocytes - myocytes - eosinophil - basophiles
basophil functioninflammatory responce - granulated - nuecleous observed(dark purple)
neurophil fuinctionincrease in number during iinfection -light purple - granulated
eosinphil functionred and white blood cells - bilobe (looks like 2) - granulated
monocyteslarge horse shoe shape, phagoctosis, into macrogages in tissue
lymphocytes function(T-cell) cell mediated immune responce (B-cell) antibody immune responce (NK cell) attack variety of infections
function of platelettesstops blood lose by forming clotts (little fragments of cells)

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