Ch 11 poli sci6

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4 types of social policy universal entitlements, social insurance, means tested public assistance, tax expenditures
universal entitlementsall people recieve, funded by taxes
social insuranceprovides benefits to categories of people to have contributed to a public insurance fund, usually for retirement pensions
means tested public assistancesocial programs that provide benefits to individuals who fall below a specific income level
tax expenditurestargetted tax breaks for specific groups of citizens or activities designated to achieve social policy goals.
social democratic wellfare statessocial policiies emphasize universal entitlements to achieve equality, usually through high taxes and social insurance programs
christian democratic welfate statespolicy based on nuclear family to achieve income stabilization and mitigate market induced insecurity. usually uses social insurance and is done by sectoral based organizations
liberal welfare statestates whose social policies focus on insuring that all who can do so gain their income in the market, concerned w preserving individual autonomy.
pink tidelatin american countries only have wellfare for public sector who isnt that poor
conditional cash transferprograms that provide cash grants to the poor in exchange for recipients sending their kids to school and health clinics
germany's health care payed for through___, run by ____, ___ systememployer/employee, run by NGOs, means tested system
hartz ivrather than allowing workers to collect full unemployment insurance indefinitely, gov lmts to 12 months until unemployment benefits ii which is a standard rate
us social welfarecreates incentives to keep people employed. most social programs are means tested or tax expenditures