Ch. 11 Cranium Bones Anatomy

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Section 1

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How many cranium bones are there?8
How many facial bones are there?14
What are the cranial bones?Ethmoid, Sphenoid, Frontal, Occipital, two parietal, and two temporal bones
What is another word for the calvarium?skull cap
What bones make up the calvarium?Frontal, right/ left parietal, and occipital bones
What bones make up the floor of the cranium?right/ left temporal, sphenoid, and ethmoid
What does the sphenoid act as in the floor of the cranium?Anchor

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What are the 2 parts of the frontal bone?squamous/vertical or oribital/horizontal
What does the squamous/vertical part form?The forehead
What does the oribital/horizontal part form?superior part of the orbit
Glabellasmooth, between eyebrows
What does SOG stand for?supraorbital groove
Where is the SOG?depression before eyebrow
The SOG is at the same level as what?orbital plates
What is above the orbital plates?brain
What is below the orbital plates?facial bones
The SOG is the highest level of ____facial bone mass

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What does SOM stand for?supraorbital margin
Where is the SOM?Superior rim of eye
Supraorbital notchcontains arteries and nerves
Frontal tuberosity/ eminencebumps on forehead
Supracillary Archarch of bone above each eye
Ethmoid notchwhere ethmoid bone comes through
Frontal bone articulates withsphenoid, ethmoid, parietal,

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What does the parietal bone make up?lateral walls
Where is the widest part of the skull located?between the parietal tubercles/ eminences
What does the parietal bone articulate with?Frontal, occipital, temporal, sphenoid, and other parietal
Occipital Bone is the most _________ and _________ of the calavariuminferior and posterior
Where is the squamous/ flat portion of the occipital bone?back of the head superior to the ionion
What is the ionion?External occipital protuberance; bump on the back of head
The lateral condylar portion (occipital condyle) articulates w/ _________ to make the _________ jointC1; occipito atlanto joint
What does the occipital bone articulate with?C1, R/L parietal bones, R/L temporal bones, and sphenoid bone

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What are the bones that make up the skull floor?R/L temporal bones, Sphenoid, and Ethmoid
What does the temporal bone hold?Organs for balance and hearing
Where is the temporal bones located?between the greater wings and occipital bone
Where is the squamous portion of the temporal bone?above the ear
What are the 3 primary parts of the temporal bone?squamous portion, mastoid portion, and petroid portion
Squamous portionlateral wall, very thin, can fracture easily
Mastoid portionmastoid tip, contains air cells
Petrous portionwhere the organs for hearing and balance are
Three other names for the petrous portion?Pitris pyramid, pars petrosa, and petromastoid
What is the petrous portion at the same level as?TEA
What does TEA stand for?top of ear attachment
Petrous ridgethickest part of the cranium
What does the temporal bone articulate with?R/L parietal, occipital, and sphenoid

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What is the sphenoid bone considered?The Anchor for all 8 cranial bones
What is the sphenoid bone often called?bat bone (due to wings)
How many foramina are in the sphenoid bone?3
What does the Sella turcica do?protects the pituitary gland
In an oblique projection of the sphenoid bone what do you see?4 process extend inferiorly, 2 lateral, 2 medial pterygoid processes
What does the sphenoid articulate with?all 7 cranial bones

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Where is the ethmoid bone?Below the floor of the cranium
Galisuperior rooster comb
Perpendicular platemakes up top of the bony nasal septum
lateral masseson each side of perpendicular plate, filled with air cell, middle and superior nasal concha
What do concha do?Warm and clean air we breath in

Section 8

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What kind of joints are sutures?fibrous, synarthrodial (immovable)
Suture between frontal and and partial coronal
Suture between parietal and occipital lambdoidal
Suture between -inferior junction of parietal and temporalSquamosal
Suture between parietal in midlineSagittal
Adult, what are the bony points used in surgery?Bregma, r/l pterions, r/l asterions, lambda
Infant, When do soft spots ossify?after birth, mid 20s
Infant, what are the bony points used in surgery?Anterior fontanel (Bregma), Posterior fontanel (lambda), R/L sphenoid (r/l pterions), R/L mastoid( r/l asterions)
What are wormian bones?irregular bones that develop in adult sutures

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