Ch 1

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gross (macroscopic anatomy) (dissects)Large Body Parts via naked eye (Lung/Heart/Kidney)
surface anatomyinternal structures (feels pulses/draw blood)
histologystudy of tissues
principle of complmentarity of structure & functionrelationship b/t structure & function. Structure determines function.
organellesbasic components of microscopic cells
simplest livng creaturessingle cells
EMCN (Four Basic Tissue Types)epithelial-muscle-connective-nervous
Organcomposed of at least 2 tissue types
Organism levelHighest level of org= the organism. working to keep us alive
anabolismSimpler substances combined to form more complex substances
Growth Occurs WhenConstructive activities must occur @ a faster rate than destructive ones
Water60-80% body weight
Air20% Oxygen
Body Temp Too Highproteins loose their shape & stop functioning
variablefactor or even being regulated in homeostasis
receptorsensor that detects change (stimuli)
control center afferent pathway
Negative Feedback Mechanism (MOST Homesteotatic Mechanisms ARE)SHUTS off original effect of stiumlus or reduces it GREATLY,..m