Cervical Direct Techniques

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Question Answer
Facet stuck closed Ipsilateral to direction of easeExtended dysfunction
Facet stuck open contralateral to direction of easeFlexed dysfunction
Mechanics of C2-C7 motionT2 like--SB + Rotate SAME direction ALWAYS*
Purely lateral translation dysfunctionSide slip
What are Inherent forces?Indirect techniques release by inherent forcce-rhythmic activty in all tissues that works to impove the hydrodyanmics + bioenergetics factors aroudn tissues + articulations
What are combined myofascial release?Initial movmenets are INDIRECT, as technique is completed, movements change to direct

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Question Answer
What keeps Dens from being thrust anteriorly into Spinal cord?Transverse ligament of atlas
What 3 pathologies degenerate Transverse ligament of atlas?Klippel-feil, Down's Syndrome, RA
Extension + rotation of occiput produces functional occlusion of...Opposite vertebral artery
Movmenet for Spurling test?Extend, SB + Rotate to SAME side + Compression
How to perform VA insufficiency test?Extend, SB + rotate to same side --> watch for nystagmus, nausea, dizziness, blur of vision/ light (30 sec)
How to perform Dekleyn's test?Supine pt extends head off the table + have patient rotate fully in one direction--watch for nystagmus, nausea, blurred vision, light headedness (hold for 30 sec)
Within what range of motion is HVLA?Within anatomic range of motion*
Rapid, therapeituc foce within anatomic range of motion that engages restrictive barrier in ONE or MORE planes of motion ot elicit release of restrictionHVLA/Thrust
Absolute CI for HVLA Upper Cervical (RA, DS, Achondroplastic dwarfism, Chiari malformation), Fx, dislcoation, spinal joint instability, Anklosis, spondylosis, + fusion, Surgical fusion, Klippel-feil syndrome, Vertebrobasilar insufficiency, Inflammatory joint dz, joint infection, bony malignancy, patient refusal
Relative CI for HVLA-Acute HNP, -Acute Radiculopathy, -Acute whiplash, severe muscle spasm, strain or sprain, -Osteopenia or osteoporosis, Metabolic bone dz, Hypermobility syndrome, Spondylolisthesis