Cervical cancer staging

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Question Answer
TXPrimary Tumor cannot be assessed
TOno evidence of primary tumor
Tis*Carcinoma in situ
T1 or ICervical carcinoma confined to uterus
T1a or IAInvasive carcinoma only DX by microscopy, stromal invasion: max depth 5mm; max width 7mm
T1A1 or IA13mm deep max and 7 mm wide max
T1A2 or IA2stromal invasion max 3 to 5mm and depth max 7mm
T1b or IBclinically visible lesion confined to cervix or microscopic bigger than IA2
T1b1 or IB1clinically visible
T1b2 or IB2clinically visible >4cm
T2 or IIcarcinoma invades beyond uterus but not to pelvic wall or lower 1/3 of vagina
T2a or IIatumor without parmtrial involvement of lower 1/3 of vagna
T2a1 or IIa1clinically visible lesion >4cm with involvement of less than the upper 2/3 vagina
T2b or IIBtumor with parametrial invasion
T3 or IIIextends to pelvic wall or invades 1/3 lower vagina, or causes hydronephrosis and kidney compromise
T3a or IIIAinvolves lower third of vagina with no extension to the pelvic wall
T3b or IIIBextends to pelvic wall and or causes hydronephrosis or non-functioning kidney
T4 or IVATumor invades mucosa, bladder, rectum, and/or extends beyond true pelvis
NXregional lymph nodes cannot be assessed
NOno lymph node mets
N1regional lymph node mets