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Question Answer
61.113Cant Make Money, Cant Pay more then pro rate share
61.56Flight Review Every 24 month
91.205Air Speed, Tach,Oil Pressure, Mag Com, Alt, Temp Gua, Oil Temp Guage, Fuel Level, Landing light, anti collision light, manifold gauge, ELT, Seat Belts, Fuses, landing lights, position light, source of power
AWOSAutomated WEather Observatiosn System
ASOSAutomated Surface Observation System
ATISAutomatic Terminal Services, From tower
VR Rotation 56
Vx Best Angle of Climb 61
Vy Best Rate of Climb 68
Vso Stall With Flaps 52
VsStall w/o Flaps 54
VgBest Glide 63
VaMax Abrupt 92
VnoMax Rough air 119
VneNever Exceed 143
VfeFlaps Extended 90
Emergency Decent143
Max RPM Mag150
Max RPM dif mag75
EngineLycoming O-235-L2C 115HP @2700RPM

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