Cert Quiz Chapter 8

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Section 1

Question Answer
The process of acquiring information from a patient is to determine health care needs and abilities is called assessment
Properly written patient instructions should always focus on key points
The best way to reinforce verbal instructions for a patient is to provide the patients with written instructions
As the best way to document that a patient received written instruction to take home, you should have the patient sign a document, to be placed in the patients chart, verifying receipt of the materials
An environment conductive to learning is characterized by privacy
When evaluating a patients progress in a patient educational program, if you discover non compliance, this means the patient is not following the prescribed orders
When developing written patient educational materials, it is most important to considerthe patient's cognitive level of understanding
To provide patient education for a patient who is blind, which of the following formats of training materials would be most helpfulBraille materials
A team approach to patient education that includes different fields of knowledge and expertise is referred to as anmultidisciplinary plan
The first step in development of a patient educational program is to identify the purpose and the topic of the educational program
When asked to provide dietary information for a patient, an organization that could provide the most valuable materials is the National Dairy Council
Patient educational materials are best implemented when the materials are discussed with the patient
A national accrediting body for healthcare organizations that has established standards and requirements for patient education is the NCQA
The cognitive domain of learning refers tocomprehension
The process used to carry out the agreed teaching plan in patient education is called implementation
The overall purpose of patient education is to improve patient health
A patient who needs information about drug addiction could receive education and help from an organization that specializes insubstance abuse
If a diabetic is reluctant to learn how to give him or herself insulin injections, the first thing you should do is notify the patients physician for further assistance

Section 2

Question Answer
Of the following which patient is the least likely to respond to learning objectives a patient who perceives the health care team as condescending
Of the following, which is very important for the person who is patient educationdocumenting in the patient record whatever teaching is performed
One of the factors that is the most helpful in promoting patient learning is a positive emotional outlook
To ensure that a patient follows up with appointments for evaluation of the prescribed plan of treatment you should provide the patient with a written appointment slip with the date and time of his or her next session
A way to evaluate the patients understanding of the educational information is to ask for feedback from the patient
When providing patient education you shouldencourage questions from the patient
One factor that is a positive contribution to the patients learning process ishaving family support
The patients mental and physical abilities are referred to as psychomotor
The domain of learning that includes values, attitudes, and opinions is referred to as affective
The approach of using more than one team member for the patient education plan is referred to as multidisciplinary
Mr Smith was shown how to administer insulin. To assure his understanding, the best strategy would be to askfor a return demonstration
Before leaving the office, the CMAs made a follow up appointment for Mr Smith
Mr Smith would need a glucose monitor and reagent strips, syringes, and insulin; instructions on how to obtain these materials is an important part of patient education
After missing several scheduled appointments and many issues with care non compliance by Mr Smith, Dr Chang instructed the medical assistant to terminate the patient from the practice, that requiresnotification ending the relationship and a period of time for the patient to obtain another care giver