Cert Quiz Chapter 10

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When setting up the appointment book by crossing of all times that will not be used for patient visits, this is used as setting up the Matrix
Which of the following is a guideline that applies to using the appointment bookWrite or print clearly and make corrections neatly
Of the following situations, which one constitutes a higher level of urgency and should considered an emergency appointmentA 55 year old man with difficulty breathing
The process of double booking in appointment scheduling means that Two or more patients are scheduled at the same time
If the physician is delayed in arriving at the office for appointments, you shouldOffer the waiting patients an opportunity to reschedule
When making an appointment over the phone for a new patient, it is important to secure the following informationPatients insurance provider
When a specific number of patients, usually 4, is scheduled at the beginning of the same hour, this is known asWave scheduling
When setting a series of repeat appointments for patients, it is best toSet the appointment at the same time on the same day of the next week to enhance patient compliance
The most critical aspect of the appointment book is thatThe book is treated as a legal document because it may be subpoenaed
The most common type of scheduling is Time specific scheduling
The abbreviation used in scheduling to designate a patient who has never been seen in the office before isNP
The reason for documenting missed appointments in a patients file is to Note all missed appointments in the event further action needs to take place
The type of scheduling used in a medical practice primarily depends on thePhysicians preference
Which of the following is the least important concern when scheduling patient proceduresThe amount of insurance copay
A patient calls and requests an appointment immediately. What should be the 1st question you askWhat are your symptoms and how long have you had them
When setting a return appointment for a patient, it is best toOffer the patient a specific time and date
Scheduling duties include all of the following exceptDetermining the time of day the office will accept appointments
When calling a hospital to schedule inpatient surgery, the information not necessary to have before the call isPatients insurance copayment
A tickler file is a(n)Filing system used as a reminder of things to do by a certain time or date
A walk in pateint is one whoArrives at the office without an appointment but wants to be seen
When a patient needs a return appointment to discuss laboratory or xray findings with the physician, you shouldCall the lab to find out when the results will the available and make the appointment based on that date
What type of scheduling is typical of an urgent care center?Tidal wave scheduling
Types of patient appointment reminders used by offices include the following exceptFacsimile
If the physician requests that the patient return for a fasting blood glucose and follow up appointment, the best time to schedule that appointment would be The first appointment in the morning
When a group of patients needs immunizations, the best type of scheduling for this is Clustering
When conducting a patient flow analysis, it is determined that patients wait in treatment room for approximately 15 minutes prior to the physician presenting. As a result, you wouldReport the findings to the physician
When scheduling an outpatient procedure, it is important to know all of the following exceptLOS
The primary purpose of a patient flow analysis is toDetermine the efficiency of the practice
When scheduling an inpatient procedure, the reason for scheduling the admission separate from the actual procedure is toReserve a hospital bed
Electronic appointment scheduling is Held to HIPAA standards

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