Cert Quiz 16

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Question Answer
The model that shows the chain of command is called the organizational chart
The hiring and firing role comes under the category of human resources
If a medical practice has a health and safety violation, the organization involved would beOSHA
Management of the physical plant involves leasing the facility
Which of the following would not likely constitute an act sexual harassment complimenting a coworker about a new haircut
Which of the following specifically refers to the process of discovering and preventing problems that may lead to harm and loss for the practice risk management
Compliance is best described as the act or process of doing what you are required to do
Which of the following would not be found in an employee handbookstaff meeting minutes
The physical plant or facility must comply with the requirements set forth byADA
Which of the following functions would not be the responsibility of the human resources department of a medical practicedetermining the medical assistant scope of practice
Training of employees conducted in the workplace is referred to asin-service
All of the following are common methods used to communicate with staff exceptcertified letters
Which of the following represents a conflict of interest in the medical officea medical assistant encourages patients to make appointments with her husband, a massage therapist
The quality of characteristics of all communications with the health care field must be all of the following exceptelectronic
Which of the following does not represent the concept of cultural competence a medical assistant will only work with persons who share the same religious beliefs
Compliance with OSHA, federal, state, and local regulations can be assured by all of the following exceptwithholding information from patients regarding errors in treatment
A question that you would not ask during an interview would be whether the applicant has a religious affiliation
Which of the following represents mid level providersphysicians assistant and nurse practitioner
Which of the following is the responsibility of the practice managerverifying credentials of medical assistants
An organizational chart reflects all of the following except the hiring policies of the organization
A meeting record (minutes) would contain all of the following excepta list of the patients seen that week
If an incident occurs in the medical office that results in a legal action, the organization is expected tomaintain records of the occurence
A function of managing the physical facility may be tocontract for landscaping maintenance