Cert Quiz 12

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The most formal and professional style of letter format isfull block
The standard business envelope is ano. 10
The punctuation mark following the salutation of a professional business letter is a colon
The standard margin used for a business letter is1 inch
The component of a letter that indicates the purpse of the correspondence is theenclosure
Which of the following is true regarding the date on a business letter?The date is placed two lines below the letterhead
Certified mail is also considered or classified asFirst-Class Mail
The mail classification used to send most medical office mail isFirst-Class Mail
The style of letter in which all the lines begin at the left margin except the subject and complimentary closign is modified block
The proper style of writing the date in a professional letter isJanuary 1, 2015
How many lines below the salutation should the body of the letter start?Two
An example of a properly keyed signiture is James Jones, MD
The classification of mail that guarentees delivery the following day is Express Priority Mail
At the bottom of a professional letter, the reference initials represent the individual signing the letter, in uppercase letters
The abbreviation 'cc' or 'Cc' when used at the end of a professional letter meansthe letter was sent to another person
When mail arrives at the office, the first step in processing the mail is todate and stamp each item of mail
The process of converting the dictated word of the health care provider to a word processed form istranscription
The style of letter in which the first sentence of each paragraph is indented five spaces issemiblock
When a professional letter requires mroe than one page, the pages following the first pageare the same paper as the first page with no letterhead printing
The inside address of a professional letter is therecipient's address written without abbreviations

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Question Answer
If there are materials included in the envelope with the letter, this should be notedtwo lines below the reference initials
The classification of mail used for at least 200 pieces of promotional information isStandard Mail
A postage meter is a machine that prints prepaid postage onto mail pieces or onto an approved label
The keypad signiture is typedfour lines below the complimentary closing
The letterhead on stationary should include the following except the physicians home telephone number
Prior to emailing the patient, the CMAs should verify thatthe patients writen consent for the email was obtained
In addition to a brief message, Jules attaches a copy of the positive diagnostic report which indicates a serious illness. This attachmentis inappropriate
When no response was recieved from the first class letter or the phone calls, the next step should have been to send a letter byRegistered mail
Ms. Rodriguez received the email with the results of the diagnostic test attached; she assumed that the word 'positive' in the results was a good thing and did not persue further contact with the medical office until her disease was quite progressed. The practiceis libel based on the four 'Ds' of malpractice
After this incident, it became clear that the practice was in need of a policy regarding the correct usages and content of e-mail; this comes under the catagory of Risk Management