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This is the cert 2 Mem. PG Created by Krow, time for you to know so study with flow.

Best Practices for Malware Removal Set the Order


Question Answer
Quarantine Infected System 1
Disable system Restore2
Remediate Infected System3
Schedule Scans & Updates4
Enable System Restore Point5
Create Restore Point6
Educate End User7

Put them in Descending Order


Question Answer
Home Premium4

Match the OS


Question Answer
Action CenterWindows 7
Add & Remove ProgramsXP
Home GroupWindows 7
Side BarVista
Devices & PrintersWindows 7
Printers & FaxesXP
Start MenuAll
Automatic UpdatesXP
Add HardwareXP & Vista
ProgramsWindows 7 & Vista

Match & Define


Question Answer
Ping-aCommand option used to resolve the host name when your testing the connectivity of a specific IP address.
Net UseCommand used to map a network drive to remote share.
Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) is displayed after the CPU is replaced with a faster version, what's wrong?CPU voltage was set to high
A technician replaced the power supply unit (PSU) and after boot noticed the raid array couldn't be found, the tech. checks the wattage and there is ample amounts, what's wrong?The power cables were incorrectly reconnected to the drive array.
In Disk Management, on an XP OS, Disks marked as foreign are?Dynamic disks from another system running on XP
An XP PC formatted with NTFS is displaying a missing or corrupt DLL error msg. when certain programs are running, why?The DLL file wasn't registered during the install.
If a PC is slow, losing files, and not opening some files the problem may be with the hard drive, in order to find the source of the problem and protect the data, you shouldBack up or important files, then run CHKDSK.
Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP:gate 3389) is used for thisRemote Desktop


Question Answer
A bootstrap file isa small file that is transferred to the client by a PXE boot ROM using TFTP.
Menu filea boot strap file which allows you to define a menu of boot images from which a user can select the image they wish to use.
In the PXE protocol definition, this first small bootstrap is often referred to as "Remote.0" and the next boot file as "Remote.1".

Multiple choice


A user reports that a script \ServerShareRunme.bat, which is run on a daily basis, cannot be accessed. Which of the following is the FIRST step to take in resolving this issue?
Question Answer
A) Check the network cable B) Ping the gateway C) Verify the workstation IP address D) Ping the serverD) Ping the server

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