Cerebral Cortex

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primary visual cortexoccipital cortex, primarily on medial surface on either side of calcarine sulcus
primary auditory cortexsuperior surface of temporal lobe
gustatory cortextaste, insular cortex
Wernicke's area speech comprehension, only on left, posterior to auditory association area
cuneussubdivison of occipital lobe on medial surface, b/w parietal-occipital sulcus & calcarine sulcus
lingual gyrusbelow calcarine sulcus
olfactory cortexsmell, on uncus on medial aspect of temporal lobe (info goes there w/o passing relays in brain)
primary motor cortexprecentral gyrus, pyramidal cells send impulses to spinal cord to produce movement
primary somatosensory cortexpostcentral gyrus
insular lobedeep to temporal, frontal, pariental lobe, where visceral information goes
corpus callosumaxons connect the 2 hemispheres
cingulate gyruslimbic system, medial aspect of cerebral cortex, immediately superior to corpus callosum
Cerebral cortex is ipsilateral / contralateralcontralateral
Broca's areaspeech control, left side only
Premotor cortexplans and coordinates movement; relay station
PMAAgeneral awareness, aware of spatial location of body, language comprehension & speech
AMAA, prefrontal cortexreceives info from PMAA, integrate w/ past experience, evaluates options, select appropriate response; working memory; all aspect of cognitive function
Limbicmemory & emotion

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