Ceramics Terms

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Question Answer
A furnance or oven for firing pottery or sculptureKiln
A suspension of clay in water used for casting and connecting pieces of clay. Slip
The condition of a clay body. Clay that is mostly dry, but still wet enough to work with.Leather Hard
Pottery of sculpture that is completely dry, but not fired.Bone Dry
A variety of eathy materials formed by the decompostition of granite.Clay
A glassy coating that has been melted into a clay surface Glaze
The process of kneading a mass of clay to expel the air, get rid of lumps, and prepare a homogeneous material.Wedging
The process of roughing the surface of clay before joining pieces.Scoring
Heating pottery of sculpture in a kiln or open fire to bring the clay or glaze to maturity.Firing
The process of forming pottery of sculpture by pouring liquid clay, or slip, into absorbent plaster molds.Casting