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neuromyelodesisterm used when you take the nerve and bury it into the muscle
what muscles can you bury nerve into??
lck of consortium law suit story?
What are central metatarsal surgerieselevating osteotomies of 2,3, or 4 to tx intractable calluses or capsulitis
structural metatarsalgiaSTATIC abnormality of the foot resulting in forefoot pain
egs of structural metatarsalgialong metatarsal, brachymetatarsia, plantarflexed metatarsal,
tx for neuromaextra depth shoe
bony problem=structural
Lengthening the 4th MT usually in surgeryBrachymetatarsia
Functional EtiologyPathological pronation with hypermobility, equinus, LLD, hammertoe
evaluate LLD byscanogram
complication of compensating cavus footleads to hammer toe which a complication of the fat pad displaced anteriorly
check for equinussilverskiold test
Differential diagnosis: neuroma vs verrucaeNeuroma-check by dropping in some lidocain, verrucae-do a biopsy!
transfer calluscallus moves from place you did surgery but then ends up coming back under another met head
goal of surgical managementto redistribut the weight of the forefoot to all the central metatarsals to bear equal weight
Where are surgical osteotomies made, anatomical or surgical neck?surgical neck
surgical neck location to anatomical necksurgical neck is proximal to anatomical neck
what type of incision would you make in DuVries condylectomydorsal incision
complications of duVries condylectomyfloating toe and transfer callus
DuVries condylectomy indicationsosteopenic bone, DM ulcer
Girdlestone-Taylorprocedure to prevent floating toe
implant is done in a non weightbearing device
V shape osteotomy in the MT head with apex proximal to condylesJacoby "V" osteotomy
complications of jacobytransfer calluses, floating toe
transfer callus will happen if elevation is greater than ___ mm4-5mm
Oblique cut through a dorsal approach and you slide the inferior fragment back and then snip the dorsal nub of bone offWeil
indications for Weillong MT and subluxed jt
complications for Weil shortens the MT, floating toe
contraindication for weilshort metatarsal
XLoss of internal cubic content leads tofloating toe
X Acc to CMS, don't treat __long central MTs with surgery3
Acc to McGlam, #1 comp of 5th MT resection floating toe
Most thick part of plantar fasciamed?
Jacoby performed at sx neck, anatomical neck, depends on static studies, depends on dynamic studiesall of the above
silverskoid test with hair of supination?
Indication for Jacoby v Weil v Duvries?-Jacoby-plantarflexed met, raise it up,-Weil-shortens met, subluxed phalanx on met.Duvries-condylectomy-osteopenia, ulcers
Goals of the Weil osteotomy. Decrease ____, altered load transmission by ___ and ___, decrease MPJ ____Decrease metatarsalgia(pain in the ball of the foot), altered load transmission by plantarflexing and shortening, and decrease MPJ subluxation
Subluxation or dislocation of a lesser MTP is often associated with: a Widening of the MTP “clear space” b. Hammer digit syndrome c. Negative dorsal drawer sign d. The 4th digitb hammer digit syndrome
Which is NOT the differential diagnosis for metatarsalgia of the central metatarsals? a. neuroma b. freiber's infarction c. HAV d. stress fractureHAV
Following a Weil osteotomy, how soon can a patient go weightbearing in a post-op shoe? a. 1 day b. 3 days c. 7 days d 14 days1 day
Which of the following metatarsal procedures is done on the proximal aspect of the metatarsal? a. weil b schwartz c. giannestras d. DFWO( dorsiflexory wedge osteotomy)DFWO
one method of pathogenesis that leads to rupture dislocation of the lesser MTP-high functional stresses of ____ and ___ of the MTP can lead to attenuation or _____ which may then lead to subluxation or ____High functional stresses of weightbearing and repetitive hyperextension of the MTP can lead to attenuation or rupture of the plantar plate which may then lead to subluxation or dislocation of the toe.
Describe the Weil Osteotomy.
What procedure is 1. Lesser MT shortening osteotomy 2. Joint preserving, intra-articular shortening osteotomyweil
Recommended for tx of metatarsalgia resulting form a dislocated/subluxed MPJweil
weil goalalter load transmission through FF by shifting plantar fragment proximal to area of the lesion, where thicker and more compliant tissue is still present, 2nd: to resolve the hammer toe deformity or MTP subluxations that are increasing or resulting in metatarsalgia
Name the procedure for 1. lesser MT surgery 22. V-osteotomy, removing some bone at proximal aspect of shaft, stablejacoby
jacoby allows free motion in the _________ plane but is stable in the ___ plane due to "wings"sagittal, transverse