Census 2011

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Since when has census been conducted every 10 years ?1881
Who is the nodal authority for conducting decennial Census in the country ?The Office of the Registrar and Census Commissioner, India, under the Union Ministry of Home Affairs
Census 2011 is which census since 1872 ?15
Census 2011 is which census after independence ?7
Which Article of Constitution is related to Census ?Art 246
According to Article 246 of the Constitution of India population Census is a Union or State subject ?Union Subject
What is the role of state in census ?Providing administrative support in conducting the Census process
In which UT's are field offices not present ?Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Union Territory of Daman and Diu, which are attached to the office at Gujarat
Two phases for Census 2011 ?House Listing and Population Enumeration
NATIONAL POPULATION REGISTER (NPR) will be for all ?Residents above 15yrs
NPR would have which data ?biometric data and UID Number
National Identity Cards would be given by ?Office of the Registrar General and Census Commissioner
New categories introduced in 2011 census ?Other category in Gender, Date ofBirth, Current Martial status, Disability, SC/ST, Migration, Name of Institutional household
2011 Census Commissioner of IndiaC Chandramuli
Total population of India according to 2011 census121 crore
The most populous state of IndiaUttar Pradesh
Least populous state in IndiaSikkim
State has highest rural populationUttar Pradesh
State has lowest rural populationSikkim
State has highest urban populationMaharashtra
State has lowest urban populationSikkim
The rate of growth of population of India17.64
Literacy rate in India74.04%
Male Literacy rate in India82.14%
Female Literacy rate65.46%
Most literate state in IndiaKerala (93.9%)
Least literate state in IndiaBihar (63.82%)
Most literate Union territory in IndiaLakshadweep (92.2%)
Least literate Union territory in IndiaDadar and Nagar Haveli
State has high density of populationBihar (1102)
State has low density of populationArunachal Pradesh (17)
The number of districts in India according to census 2011640
State has highest sex ratioKerala (1084/1000)

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State has lowest sex ratioHaryana
Density of Population of India382
Sex ratio of India940/100
Union territory has highest sex ratioPondicherry
Union territory has lowest sex ratioLakshadweep
State has highest fertility rate in IndiaMeghalaya
Highest decadal growth rate Arunachal Pradesh - 26 per cent
Lowest decadal growth rateNagaland - —0.6 per cent
Urban Population31.15 per cent
Rural Population68.85 per cent
Highest Sex RatioKerala (1084/1000)
Lowest Sex RatioHaryana (879/1000)
Sex Ratio943/1000
Density of Population382 persons per sq. km.
highest child sex ratioMizoram
Lowest child sex ratioHaryana
Which UT has the lowest sex ratio ?Daman & Diu