Census 2011 - Important Points

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Question Answer
2011 Census Commissioner of IndiaC Chandramuli
Total population of India according to 2011 census121 crore
The most populous state of IndiaUttar Pradesh
Least populous state in IndiaSikkim
State has highest rural populationUttar Pradesh
State has lowest rural populationSikkim
State has highest urban populationMaharashtra
State has lowest urban populationSikkim
The rate of growth of population of India17.64
Literacy rate in India74.04%
Male Literacy rate in India82.14%
Female Literacy rate65.46%
Most literate state in IndiaKerala (93.9%)
Least literate state in IndiaBihar (63.82%)
Most literate Union territory in IndiaLakshadweep (92.2%)
Least literate Union territory in IndiaDadar and Nagar Haveli
State has high density of populationBihar (1102)
State has low density of populationArunachal Pradesh (17)
The number of districts in India according to census 2011640
State has highest sex ratioKerala (1084/1000)

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State has lowest sex ratioHaryana
Density of Population of India382
Sex ratio of India940/1000
Union territory has highest sex ratioPondicherry
Union territory has lowest sex ratioLakshadweep
State has highest fertility rate in IndiaMeghalaya

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