Cellular Respiration

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Aerobic cellular respirationrequires oxygen.
Glycolosisoccurs in the cytoplasm.
ATP generation for glycolosis isis Substrate Level Phosphorylation.
The input for glycolosis is1 glucose; 2 ATP; 4 ADP
The output for glycolosis is2 pyruvic acid; 4 ATP [2 NET ATP]; 2 NADH
The Citric Acid Cycle occursin the matrix of the mitochondria.
ATP generation for The Citric Acid CycleSubstrate Level Phosphorylation.
The input for The Citric Acid Cycle2 Acetyl CoA [from 2 pyruvic acid]; 6 NAD+; 2 FAD
The output for The Citric Acid Cycle4 CO2, 2 ATP, 6 NADH, 2 FADH2

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Electron Transport occurson the inner membrane of the mitchondria.
ATP generation for Electron Transport is chemiosmosis.
The input for Electron Transport is10 NADH; 2 FADH2 [high energy electrons from these compounds].
The output for Electron Transport is30 ATP + 4 ATP = 34 ATP.
The ATP summary is 2 ATP from Glycolosis + 2 ATP from Kreb Cycle + 34 ATP from Electron Transport = 38 - 2 [blah blah] for a total of 36.
The liver, kidney and cardiac musclewill produce 38 ATPs as they are highly metabolic cells.
Lactic Acid Fermentation occurs in the cytoplasm.
ATP generation from Lactic Acid Fermentationis Substrate Level Phosphorylation.
The input for Lactic Acid Fermentation is1 glucose; 2 ATP, 2 NADH.
The output for Lactic Acid Fermentation is2 lactic acid; 4 ATP [2 net]; 2 NAD+. BOTTOM LINE - 2 ATPs

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