Cellular Metabolism

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Metabolic TurnoverThe continuous removal and replacement of structures in the cell.
How does temperature affect enzyme reactions?Increase in temp. increases kinetic energy, thus increasing chance of more random collisions btw molecules; bonds will break within enzyme as temp highly increases, causing active site to change shape, thus rate of reaction will decrease over time.
How does substrate concentration affect enzyme reactions?Increasing substrate con. increases rate of reaction, as more substrate molecules will be colliding with enzyme molecules; after certain concentration there will be no effect on the rate of reaction.
How does enzyme concentration affect enzyme reactions?Increasing enzyme concentration will increase rate of reaction as more enzymes to collide with substrate molecules; eventually will have no effect when all substrates have been reacted with.
How does pH affect enzyme reactions?Each enzyme has an optimum pH at which their active site is most complementary to their substrate; At optimum pH the rate of reaction is the highest.