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Cell theoryall living things are made of cells; basic units of structure and function; living cells come from only living cells
What is a cell?all organisims are made of cells --> organisims are unicellular or multicellular
Prokaryoticno nucleus
Eukaryota nucleus + 2 types
Animal cellsfound in organisims not producers/ autotrophs
plant cellsin organisims that are producers/ autotrophs

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Parts of a prokaryotic cell(5) DNA in the center - cell membrane - cell wall - cytoplasm - ribosomes
Different in an animal cellLysosomes + Centrioles
DIfferent in a plant celllarge vacuole + cell wall + Chloroplasts for photosynthesis + vesicles
SUGARCv6 Hv 12 Ov-----------------6
ATPadenisi tri phosphate

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Cell membrane inside cell wall - outer layer of animal cell - 2x layer of phospholipids with proteins - semi permeable-------support, protect, controls movement in and out of cells, maintains homeostasis
nucleuslarge oval + holds DNA (xxx)-------controls cell activity + contains hereditary material of cell
Cytoplasmclear,thick, jelly like + organelles found inside cell membrane------------supports + protects cell organelles
Endoplasmic Riticulumtubes/membranes------smooth without ribosomes-------rough w/ embeded ribosomes; connects to nuclear envelope + cell membrane----------helps make protein+ carries materials
Ribosomes made of RNA + protein --------makes protein
MitocondriaPeanut shape + 2x membrane ---------------Brakes down sugar into ATP- place of cellular resperation
Vacuolefluid filled sacks - largest in plant cell---------------stores food, water, waste
Golgi apparatusflattened sacs-------modifies protein made by cell wall-----exports protein
Lysosomessmall and round; single membrance--------breaks down large food particels + digests old parts

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cell wallmade of cellulose-------protection and support
Chloroplastscontain chlorophyl; green oval--------turns sun's energy into sugar; photosynthesis; oxygen as waste product
Centriolesseperate chromosome pairs during mitosis
Ciliamant short hairs-------movement of cell
flagellumtail like----movement of cell

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