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Phospholipid functionform semi-permeable membrane
Phospholipid characteristichydrophilic (polar) head, hydrophobic (non polar) tail
Phospholipids movementconstantly side to side
Cholesterol functionprovides structural rigidity
more cholesterol=less movement, more rigidity
less cholesterol=more movement, less rigidity

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Integral Proteins placementembedded in cell membrane
Integral Proteins response siteboth sides of cell membrane
Peripheral Proteins placementoutside of cell membrane
Peripheral Protein functionsignaling molecules

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Carbohydrates functionfor self cell or cell cell recongition
Glycosylationaddition of carbohydrates onto new synthesized protein
Gylcoproteinprotein w carbohydrate attached
Gycolipidlipid w carbohydrate attached

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Tight JunctionWater tight seal formed around epithelial cell
Desmosomesstops cells from separating, distributing tension to reduce chance of tearing
Gap Junctionhas pores that hold neighboring cells together, allowing passing easily& quickly
Tight Junction exampleDigestive& Urinary System
Desmosomes exampleSkin
Gap Junction exampleHeart

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Passive Transport, Diffusionhigher concentrations to lower concentrations, small molecules
Facilitated Diffusionmolecules too large to diffused, utilize integral proteins
Channel Protein movementnon specific
Channel Proteins moleculeshydrophilic and ions
Carrier Protein movementspecific
Osmosiswater moves across membrane form low solute to high solute
Isotonic Osmosisnormal shape, water moves in and out
Hypertonic Osmosisshrink, water moves out
Hypotonic Osmosisenlarging until burst, water moves in
Active Transport movementmolecules up their concentration gradient
Na+/K+ pumpmoves Na out and K in
Vesicle Mediated Transport movementlarge molecules move across membrane thru bulk transport
Endocytosismovement of substance into the cell
Phagocytosisengulfment of large particles
Exocytosismovement of substances out of the cell

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