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what are cellssmallest functional unit of life. capable of carrying out all lifes essential functions
1.all living things aremade up of cells
2.cells come
pre existing cells
3.cells are the smartestunit of life
4.cells contain hereditary information(DNA) which is passd on from cell to cell during cell division

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compound light microscopeseries of lenses in the ocular and objective lens to magnify image as much as 2000 times. most useful for looking at plant or animal cells
dissecting microscopeprovides same type if magnification as simple light microscope, u can use both eyes to look at specimen in 3 dimensions
scanning electron microscopeadvanced type of microscope used by scientists to view the surface of very small objects. scientist first coat specimen in fine layer of gold then bounce electrons off surface to create image
sketchingall sketches must be done in pencil, labelled and contain magnification. must be contained within the field of VIEW, draw what u see

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